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  1. PHP Photo Gallery
    1179 total visits
    PHP Photo Gallery is a Powerful easy-to-use free photo gallery script. You can easily create your own photo album on the internet. With the easy installation you can have your gallery up and running within 5 minutes with unlimited albums and photos. For faster upload there is the multi-image uploader tool in admin area where you can upload thousands of ...
  2. No Bullsh**
    522 total visits
    No Bullish ** is a free and Open Source dynamic PHP image gallery. It automatically scans a given directory, creates the thumbnails of every image and display them.Images can be browsed by simply clicking on thumbnails or with the pre-next buttons and, optionally, the original images can be shown in a lightbox. Also, thanks to the theming supportt, it is ...
  3. Image Maker
    316 total visits
    This is a PHP image generator. It can be used to generate banners or other image on-the-fly, using JavaScript and PHP. Features of Image Maker:- Image size and background color can be modified.- All image contents are treated as objects that can be modified separately.- Supports 5 different object types: text, ellipse, triangle, rectangle and image.- Contains 14 fonts.- Size, ...
  4. Wallpaper Script
    1058 total visits
    Wallpaper Script is a free and Open Source wallpaper script written in PHP and uses MySQL database. It can be used to creat wallpaper sites within 15 minutes.
    1601 total visits
    Gallarific is a fully customizable PHP photo gallery script that lets you collect, organize and share your images, photos and multimedia files with visitors directly from your web site. It's compatible with 97% of web site hosts. So it's easy to add a web site Photo gallery.Features of Gallarific - Free version:- Limited photo upload functions- Small attribution links in ...
  6. Maian Gallery
    996 total visits
    Maian Gallery is a free PHP photo gallery script. It features of manage gallery via clean admin interface and easily editable e-mail templates. Maian Gallery utilises the Savant2 template engine.Some Features fo Maian Gallery:- Visually appealing photo gallery system- XHTML/CSS theme based system- Optional slideshow- Optional background music for slideshow (.mp3)- Optional comments- Batch add images in admin area for ...
  7. No Screenshot
    327 total visits
    Portfolio Slideshow is powerful WordPress plugin that allows creating a slideshow out of the images attached to a post or page.A shortcode that inserts a clean and simple jQuery + cycle powered slideshow of all image attachments on a post or page. When in install you unpack and upload it to the wp-content/plugins/directory. Active the plugin through the 'Plugin' menu ...
  8. pChart
    1541 total visits
    pChart is a top of the line PHP charting utility which works by taking statistical data from various sources (SQL database, CSV, XML, etc.) and graphically rendering it using PHP. Features of pChart:- Object oriented interface- Scaling and units- Sandbox engine- Multiple scales support- Spline, cubic curves- Functions computing- Slope computation- Means & deviation computing- Native anti-aliasing- Alpha-transparency- Shadow support- ...
  9. The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit
    814 total visits
    The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit is free and Open Source PHP Project designed to allow manipulation of many types of metadata that reside in a JPEG image file. Five types of metadata that can be accessed by this project: - EXIF, DCF & TIFF/EP including makernotes: Contains Digital Camera Settings. Can contain a thumbnail.- XMP, RDF & Dublin Core, including ...
  10. Shutter
    779 total visits
    Shutter is a set of PHP scripts to manage a MySQL powered photo gallery, which allows you to store and share your photos in an unlimited number of albums with ease of control. Features of Shutter:- Simple Web Based Installation: Once the files have been upload with the correct permissions, the installation is easily managed online.- Web Based Configuration: Edit ...
  11. SmartyGallery
    1079 total visits
    SmartGallery is a free profesional PHP gallery project based on MySQL, It is made with Smarty.Features of SmartGallery:- easy install: installer provided;- Languages English and spanish;- user picture comments if enable by admin;- slideshow viewer if enable by admin;- all features customizable with web interface (admin section);- template themes show diferent themes plus easy to make your own- upload approval ...
  12. Chevereto
    546 total visits
    Chevereto is a free and open source PHP project designed to set up one-click image hosting on your own web server just under your rules. Closures and restrictions shall never be a problem for you. Chevereto is a nice and extensible alternative to services like imageshack.Feature of Chevereto:- Unbeatable user interface: One click and upload your images, either from your ...
  13. GMFoto
    2718 total visits
    GMFoto is a lightweight, open-source photo gallery script written in php, xhtml and css - which does not require a database.The system is straight-forward to install locally or on a servers - no root access, extra extensions or server configuration should be required.GMFoto is a simple template driven layout and multi-user functionality allows for a wide range of uses from ...
  14. Lifebox
    2732 total visits
    Lifebox is an open source php/MySQL web photo gallery that's easy to implement and looks good.Features of Lifebox:- Multimedia Support Lifebox supports a wide range of image and video formats. Play videos right on the page!- Smart Photo Organization: Rolls & Albums Rolls - Collections organized by photo sessions Albums - Hand-picked collections from multiple Rolls- User Accounts Allow friends, ...
  15. photolibrary
    2195 total visits
    photolibrary is a Photo gallery based on PHP/MySQL which can be used to store and index photos using EXIF metadata and a fully flexible hierarchical categorisation system, and present them in an easy to use AJAX based web front end.Features of photolibrary:- Categorisation: Categories arranged into a tree data structure; Total control of entire structure allowing for a flexible system.- ...
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