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    PhpShareFiles is a PHP application designed for company or groups to exchange large files on the web when SMTP servers ca not. Authenticated users can create zones where they can put files or tell their contacts to put ones. Notification messages can be sent.
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    SHOUTcast Management Interface (BETA) - Create and modify shoutcast servers with the ease of a web based interface. It is designed to run on PHP (5.0 or later) enabled web servers with MySQL (4.1 or later). SMI has been tested on Linux and Windows 32-bit platforms, but should be able to run on any POSIX/BSD system including Mac OS X. ...
  3. dotlan ticket
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    Dotlan ticket is a module for DOTLAN to provide Online-Tickets with a Barcode. Features of dotlan ticket:- Online-Ticket- Barcode- DOTLAN
  4. Unga
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    Unga, grid servers (UGAIM) and management interface for open simulators. It allows to configure an Open Simulator grid easily and it is deployable on any standard LAMP server. And it is both a server system and a backend for configuring that servers. Also, its modular architecture allows to create (or plug) specialized modules programmed in standard PHP.
  5. PhpBlock
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    Php block is a map engine where modules can be plugged. The base of concept is block image caclulate by server and display to user. Currently a dungeon game is included in this project to test system.
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    ZefieCast, a php based Radio Streaming Automation System for *nix systems.ZefieCast is designed to support many core features of the popular Win32 Software, SAM Broadcaster, while offering them on a UNIX Platform.
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    Hierarchical Grid Site Managment is a web application that is used to manage, update and display information about a hierarchical structure (in the concret case, the sites participating in the SEE-GRID project).Features of Hierarchical Grid Site Managment:- Has a database with information about a hierarchical structure (GOC-->ROCs-->Countries-->Sites-->Nodes).- This information is published to the www by a web application.- Each node ...
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    PTK is an alternative advanced interface for the suite TSK (The Sleuth Kit). Ptk-forensics was developed from scratch and besides providing the functions already present in Autopsy. It also implements numerous new features essential during forensic activity.
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    The JASPA DOM API is a full abstraction layer for cross-browser scripting. It is written in a strongly-typed language modelled on AS3, and the JASPA compiler converts it into regular JavaScript.
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    MySHI (My Self Health Information) is a database for tracking personal health information. The current focus is on nutritional information but other important data items will follow. Documentation is available under "Hosted Apps"/"MediaWiki".
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    This is a PHP addressbook web application to store contact details of employees/customers in utf8 format on an intranet or website. The Address Book Reloaded features for Google Maps, distributed management, PDF address books, plugins, styles.
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    Web-Based Election Software is a php/mysql based election software originally desgined for use in students' association elections.
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    CHASERS is a web/database application for non-profits. The project is used by Downtown Emergency Service Center, a homeless service agency, to track clients, services and agency operations. It has been used adapted for fundraising and other purposes too.
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    Yet Another Nopaste is a PHP implementation of nopaste, allowing copy / paste of piece of code from numerous language to share it using a simple URL, optionally protected using a password. Yet Another Nopaste! uses GeSHi as highlighter back-end. It does not use database.
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    Motorsports Online Event Registration System A GNU-GPL registration system using PHP5 & mySQL which stores user data, including optional online payment for various types of motorsport events.
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