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    Congruency isn't any one thing, it's a collection of many things. Think of Congruency as an operating environment to unify different web applications. I would like to see multiple different web applications running concurrently in Congruency.
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    The Annotation tool offers an effective online facilitation of collaborative literature processing and interactive peer feedback.
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    PWhere is used to manage a catalog of your media: CD, DVD, USB-Pen, Hard-disk. It scans your media and provide off-line browsing and searching of files. It's based on GWhere.
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    Operational Information, information page for non-professional aerodrome.Let you present weather, NOTAM and documentation. Work with "wxsampler" (separate project) which recieve, save and makes WINDREP and METAR based on the Oregon WMR968/918 weather station.
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    Kvwmap is a complex WebGIS-Client and -Server solution for eGovernment-purposes written in PHP using UMN-Mapserver-technologies, MySQL- and PostgreSQL/PostGIS-databases, SVG, etc.
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    OpenEMR Mobile, an OpenEMR front end for mobile phones.The mobile website allows authorized users to securely and quickly access the scheduling data of an existing installation of OpenEMR from anywhere via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Two different versions of the mobile website are available, one for handhelds with full browser support and one optimized for limited browsers.
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    PHP VoiceViewer, PHP based Viewer for Voice Servers like Mumble.
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    LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a PHP survey software to create online surveys.Features of LimeSurvey - THE Online Survey Tool:- open/closed surveys, - branching, - participant administration, - quotas, - WYSIWYG HTML editor, - email invitations & reminders, - assessments, - basic statistics and more. What's New in This Version:New feature:- A real installer (magiclko)- Allowing selection of token valid from/until ...
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    Jinzora enables you to stream your digital media to any internet connected computer, your home stereo set or a hardware jukebox device. Jinzora can organise and tag your music files and download album covers and reviews.
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    Jethro PMM (Pastoral Ministry Manager) helps church staff track people, families, attendance, group membership and pastoral tasks using a web-based interface accessible from anywhere.The project Jethro Pastoral Ministry Manager is free for churches to install and use.
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    Embedia supports media plugins and media players that support wmv, wma, divx, midi, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, asx, swf, flv, dcr, dir, mov, mp4, ram, rv, rpm, ra, mp3, playlist files (RSS, Atom, XSPF) extensions to name a few. embedia does not break your page.
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    Progressbar for FFMPEG, using PHP, JavaScript, Ajax and MySQL.Features of FFMPEG Progressbar with PHP:- ProgressBarClass written in PHP- Ajax Supported ProgressBar- 2:1 Encoding and ProgressBar in One Package- Requires only FFMPEG and an Ajax-Supported Browser- Error-, Warn- and Accesslogging- Store Progress in MySQL Database- Simply to use
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    Es un sistema administrativo para entes sin fines de lucro (entes de la administración publica Venezolana) para el control de presupuesto, banco, nomina, contabilidad, compras, cuentas por pagar, inventario y caja.
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    Nail Streaming Server, a streaming server written in PHP which is meant to take what GNUMP3d has done and expand on it.
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    New v1.1.3.140 - Now includes a DB script! Managing SVN rights for multiple repos mirrored at multiple locations can be a daunting task. svnDashboard provides a simple, web-based, AJAX-enabled user interface for managing Several repositories and users.
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