PHP News Publishing

Free and open source PHP News Publishing Project. These projects allow you to start your own news web site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete news items easily.
  1. nSys Flat News System
    2371 total visits
    nSys is system for publishing news articles, made with PHP and FLAT files, no databases needed. Script installation is very simple, you have to fill in a simple form with your user name, e-mail and password. Script automatically creates required files and sets CHMOD permissions.You can add as many users as you want, and set levels for them, from 1 ...
  2. Spacemarc News
    1895 total visits
    Administrator and Users accounts, comments with IP and words filter, news categories, file upload (archives, images, documents) and file manager, PDF export, feed RSS, internal search engine (with find/replace option), news visits counter, BBcode and text format, DB tables backup, full localization in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian language. And more... Main Features of Spacemarc News:- Administrator and User ...
  3. SimpNews
    1748 total visits
    SimpNews, a news system written in PHP.Features of SimpNews:- Data stored in MySQL,- admin interface,- support for multiple languages,- support for multiple instances in one database,- own header,- multiple layout settings,- support for BBCode and smilies,- you can assin an icon graphic to every news entry,- you can attach a file to news entries, entries can be put in categories,- ...
  4. No Screenshot
    1743 total visits
    Simple PHP News is a very simple PHP news script that uses a text file as its back end. It uses CSS, so it is easy to customize, and can be added to your existing page with a simple include statement.Simple PHP News is intended for small sites with one webmaster that rarely posts news. Or sites that don't need ...
  5. RTNews
    1302 total visits
    RTNews is a very simple news poster that requires MySql and php4 to run.Installation:- Put your mysql params and change the html template in the file config.php;- In the page where you want to run your script write the following line of code as show in index.php: <?php include("/path_to/news.php"); ?> on the top of the page <?php read_news(); ?> where ...
  6. No Screenshot
    1670 total visits
    The JPowered News Publishing Content Management System makes it easy for non-technical users to update and manage articles, press releases, news stories, headlines, and editorials.No HTML or programming knowledge is required, the system enables almost anyone to add a powerful News Content system to any web or intranet site. Main Features Summary Full WYSIWYG editor for both Article Summary and ...
  7. CzarNews
    1793 total visits
    A free full-featured news manager that allows you to post news effortlessly and easily. Includes: Unlimited users, each with custom permissions, unlimited posting categories, web-based configuration, news search, comments, language packs, word filter/keywords, and a complete auto-installer for a quick setup in minutes.Other features include timezone offset, fully customizeable HTML output, image uploading, and no need to mess with header/footer ...
  8. FlexPHPNews Pro
    2314 total visits
    FlexPHPNews Pro is a simple and free news admin system. You can add multi-level sub-categories. Users can search the news by keywords, rate the news or send the news to friends. Feature article, Site statistics and News archive are available. Easy for internationalization. All the news are printable. Multiple pictures uploads for the news is allowed. Low price customization service ...
  9. No Screenshot
    1571 total visits
    After long time, I have updated this news script, added html area, search engine friendly url, and fixed some bugs. This news works with mysql database.
  10. No Screenshot
    1740 total visits
    Informium is a fully featured advanced news script intended for use within a web site. Informium was programmed in PHP 4 and uses a MySQL backend for its database.It features the ability to add, edit or delete users of differing access levels. Also features sections with optional image support and a templating system.
  11. No Screenshot
    2354 total visits
    news-tnk is a news publisher that can be easily added to an existing php web page. mysql required. php3 and php4 versions. Features of news-tnk: - Easy insertion of smileys and html tags in the news; - Cookies to store poster data (name, email, web); - Full admin web page to validate/reject, delete and comment on the proposed news items. ...
  12. No Screenshot
    1544 total visits
    OxyNews is a complete news management system, powered by PHP and mySQL, with a sprinkling of XML.It has news posting, editing, deleting, 3 different user levels, easy but completely modifiable template system, complete news commenting system, powerful archive (including search functions) and XML content syndication.The login system is very secure, powered by the highly secure phpUserLogin2.
  13. newspaper.php
    2234 total visits
    Newspaper.php is a php program which concatenates all valid Web pages out of a bundle in a directory. But only those which are needed for today. You decide which pages shall be visible by a configuration file called newspaper_include.php which you simple edit by notepad. All this is driven by a file where all the articles are mentioned by there ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1717 total visits
    Ad Fundum Integratable News Script (AINS) is a php-script for submitting news. Its main goals are easy integration into existing designs, ease of use and stability.
  15. No Screenshot
    2015 total visits
    Filebased News Mangagement is a simple PHP script that lets you add text news to your homepage through a Web admin interface. It allows you to add, delete, modify and list the news articles. Methods used include: form handlin, file handling, POST method, and Arrays.
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