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Free and open source PHP Networking Management Projects. Projects about Networking Tools dealing with HTTP, DNS, Whois, Traceroute in this category.
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    IPplan is a web based, multilingual, IP address management, DNS and tracking tool based on php 4, simplifying the administration of your IP address space. IPplan can handle a single network or cater for multiple networks with overlapping address space.Features of IPplan IP address management system:-support for IPv6 (currently in BETA from version 6.00-BETA1)-internationalization- importing network definitions from routing tables- ...
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    T-HTB FREE web interface, built in PHP, simple Java Script, Ajax, Nested set model MySQL, rrd graph, create tc command using iptables CLASSIFY.
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    SimpleHostingPanel is a very simple hosting panel for apache, proftpd, mysql.
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    Policyd is a multi-platform policy server for popular MTAs.Features of Policyd:- detailed policy and group specification, - access control, - helo checks (helo randomization prevention and RFC compliance), - SPF, - greylisting, - quotas, - amavisd-new integration.
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    Open Audit is a Computer Hardware and Software Audit, and Network Detection system. Based around wmi, vbscript, bash, mysql & php.Open-AudIT is an application to tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes.The entire application is written in php, bash and vbscript. These are all "scripting" languages - no compiling and human ...
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    With ACL-Browser, ACL-Browser, you can view, set and search acl's via a Web-Browser of your choice confortable.The ACL-Browser also offers some documentation and filter options. You can backup (.acl) and export ACL\'s (.cvs/.pdf). Additional features will follow.
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    Inprotect is a PHP, Perl and MySql based web interface for the Nessus security scanner and Nmap port scanner. The system presents scan results via a Email notification, a HTML interface, or exported to a PDF file.
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    Nag2web, a PHP/MySQL web front-end for Nagios 2.x and 3.x setup. With the ability to add/remove/edit the config items. The web front-end for NAGIOS has the ability to test the config.The project is designed to build a simple possibility to find and show all the features in NAGI.
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    Switchport Map is a tool to automatically find, trace, and log used switch ports on a network as well as find relationships between switches.
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    GroundOS is an open source cloud web application server, and an alternative to proprietary cloud web operating systems.
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    OrangeMesh is a network management dashboard for communities are running ROBIN-based mesh networks. It provides powerful network status visualization tools and a centralized network configuration for your networks. And OrangeMesh is specifically designed for community wireless networks, with tools to help manage community members and to grow your network organically.
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    FtpREadmin is a PHP5 based system for administrating a ProFTPd server's virtualusers who are stored in MySQL database. It supports new user creation, user management, quotas and some user statistics.
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    Web Management for BIND is a fork of the popular SMBIND project. WMBIND is backwards compatible, which means that it supports zones and users created with SMBIND. WMBIND is a PHP-based tool for managing DNS zones for BIND9 via the web.Smbind is a PHP-based tool for managing DNS zones for BIND via the web. Supports per-user administration of zones, error ...
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    Mojopanel Hosting Panel is a free web-hosting control panel written in PHP. It is good for supplying basic free hosting to anyone.It includes a nice WISSYWIG editor for making clean pages. New features like a built in forum and live chat for support are soon to come.
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    Open QEMU Manager is a web manager running on Linux. With Open QEMU Manager you can configure, admin and run one or more qemu instance on the target host. Different user and admin menues permit easily to sell Virtual Private Servers (VPS) based on QEMU.
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