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Free and open source PHP Networking Management Projects. Projects about Networking Tools dealing with HTTP, DNS, Whois, Traceroute in this category.
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    Zonomania is a webbased application to document a SAN (Storage Area Network) environment. It is powerful in the hand of a SAN Administrator to manage, engineer and plan a SAN.
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    CyBerFuN xBTiT by cybernet2u / I only install hacks and maintain them / all the credits for the core source.Features of CyBerFuN xBTiT:- Sticky Torrent- SeedBonus- Featured Torrent- User Warning System- Invitations- Append tracker announce- Gold / Silver Torrent- Invalid Login System- Ignore List- Friend List- Help Desk- Stats Bar- Ban Client- Uploader Comments and file size in torrent list- ...
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    VaMoLa Validator is a tool to validate accessibility according to Italian Law - based on AChecker.Features of VaMoLà - Validator:- Web accessibility evaluation- Stanca Act requirements and WCAG evaluation- Web services API
  4. Just For Fun Network Management System
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    JFFNMS - Just For Fun Network Management System is a complete OpenSource PHP Network Management System. It is SNMP-Standard Oriented (tested on Cisco and Linux). It Integrates Syslog, Tacacs, RRDtool (Performance Graphs), Maps, Traps, TFTP, Autodiscovery, Sound Alerts, AAA, Modular and Extensible.JFFNMS is a PHP Network Management and Monitoring System, which is created to monitor a IP SNMP / Syslog ...
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    FreeORM, an opensource Object Relational Mapping library for PHP5+, it's just like the Hibernate in Java world.
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    phpWatch is a flexible service monitoring system.Features of phpWatch: - multiple contact methods for when services malfunction, - multiple query methods,- statistics gathering, - a fully extendable architecture for developers.
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    Cloud Storage, a simple to use drag and drop web interface to manage files online.
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    1729 total visits's PHP5 client implementation of the SIDN EPP system. php5-sidnepp is distributed under GPLv3 by
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    Opensips Control Panel, a Web Control Panel Application for the OpenSIPS, which is intended for both system and user provisioning.The project features more than 18 tools, covering important functionalities (MI,statistics) and modules (acc,siptrace,drouting,dialplan) of OpenSIPS.Opensips Control Panel currently features 3 classes for tools (Admin, Users, System):- Admin - Add and List/Edit admins- Users - Provision Users (add/edit/remove), Provision Aliases(add/edit/remove)- System ...
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    Fork of ZCI web-based computer management system. English, Russian and Ukrainian translation and some a quantity of improvements, additions and bugfixes.
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    Neural Mesh is a purely PHP, fast, easy Neural Network Manager, Administrator and Framework. The highlight of the project is that it allows you to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your applications, quickly and easily, no matter what your experience.
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    The Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 is a light weight, web based console for DB2 that helps you learn about DB2 using demonstrations and tutorials.The TE is designed from the ground up to be easy to use and customize to suit your needs.Key Features of Technology Explorer for IBM DB2:- Is a light weight web based platform for interacting with ...
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    Limph Is Monitoring Pingable Hosts. Written in PHP(multi-DB) for portability. Limph provides ICMP, UDP, TCP and agent checks of grouped network hosts with email notification. Limph is completely web-configurable, an advantage over similar applications.
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    IPHPLog (IP PHP Log) is a simple software written in PHP, JS and SQL that runs over a MySQL database manager system. IPHPLog can log the information of your visitors and organize that on a data base with GeoIP.
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    Calia is a modular Network Management System with modules for Networking (switches, ports, automatic topology discovery, IP/MAC tracking, statistics), Systems (for DNS and DHCP management), Physical (for fiber cable plant tracking) and other utilities.Features of Calia: - Flexiable module-based installation; - Networking module supports a wide number of platforms, performs statistics gathering, automatic topology discovery, and port usage tracking (IP ...
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