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You can find projects about audio and video in this category. For example, format conversion, video conference and Sound simulation
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    mediaman, web media management and server software based on PHP with a database backend.
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    PowerMovieList is a PHP/MySQL-script for your movie-collection.
  3. phpMyChord
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    phpMyChord, PHP web app for creating custom Scale, Chord and Interval dictionaries and diagrams for any musical instrument. MySQL database tables enumerating all possible scales, chords and intervals and their properties.
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    Radio404, a request-based dynamic playlist and file retrieval engine for Internet streaming radio schemes.
  5. Tunez
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    Tunez is an MP3/Ogg Vorbis jukebox that works with a voting system. It is ideal for LAN parties since it allows all users to have input into what is played (or streamed).
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    Digital TV Recorder - PVR. ViMS - Video Mnemonic System. Schedule your TV-recordings remote, using a web-interface. With ViMS, PVR - Digital TV Recorder, then you will never miss a show even if you forgot to set the timer before you left your house, you just need webaccess to your ViMS-server.
  7. MORG - Music ORGanizer
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    MORG - Music ORGanizer, web based browsing and playlist generation of music collection: Album covers and artist pictures, metadata for 15+ audio formats, detailed statistics, metadata search, graphs, ...
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    Comic Pub is a program written in PHP to allow anyone with a web browser and server to manage an internet based comic strip.
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    PHPmyCDMouse aims to be an full-featured indexing solution for Data-CDs/DVDs using PHP/Apache/MySQL. It lets you browse/search for specific files/CDs offline.
  10. TVEz - Media Library
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    TVEz (pronounced tweezie) is a browser-based system to manage movies,shows and clips stored on local or remote filesystems. Uses IMBD to retrievemovie information; parses file names to create listings. Currently interfaces with Xine.
  11. StreamOnTheFly
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    StreamOnTheFly is a networked archiving and exchange system. It can be used for digital audio data, such as radio programmes and podcasts, but also for audio arts and any other meaningful data you can imagine. It uses standardized metadata schemes and offers extensions for RSS or podcasting. In Oct 05, we've moved to
  12. WebVCR+
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    This project WebVCR+ is an easy to use web interface to record TV shows to your hard drive.It is an improved version of webvcr which adds xmltv support, nvrec support, favorites, an improved schedule viewer, and much more.
  13. Multimedia Files Scanner
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    MultiFiS (Multimedia Files Scanner). Utility written in php-gtk for organize your Multimedia Files like MP3's, Ogg's, WMA's and other formats.
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    The Netjuke is a Web-Based Audio Streaming Jukebox powered by PHP 4, a database and all the MP3, Ogg Vorbis and other format files that constitute your digital music collection. Supports images, language packs, multi-level security, random playlists, etc..
  15. MP4WEB
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    MP4WEB is a little web frontend for mp4live (part of MPEG4IP). With MP4WEB you can manage mp4live configurations, create, view and encode (MPEG4) live streams, watch recorded mp4 files... everything via web browser.
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