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You can find projects about audio and video in this category. For example, format conversion, video conference and Sound simulation
  1. Monocle Radio
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    Monocle Radio is a lighteight web frontend written in PHP to the Music Player Daemon. It supports navigating the playlist, browsing and searching the MPD database, and a basic privilege system with users.
  2. Audio-Portal
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    Audio-Portal is a new Web-based Front-end for your Audio files. Audio-Portal is an Open Source PHP audio script. It will support: APE FLAC OGG MP3 and many more! Please have a little patience, will this project is still in Development stadium.
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    Helium WebMiB is a PHP script / phpBB3 MOD that integrates with a Helium Music Manager database to provide a web front-end display for your music collection. It is an easy way for your friends & family to view your music collection from anywhere in the world.
  4. PodAdmin - Web-based podcast management
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    PodAdmin is a very simple web-based podcast management tool. Upload your new episode via web form, PodAdmin will then grab title and description from the ID3 tags and generate a new RSS feed on your website.Requirements:- PHP - MySQL
  5. Brunhilde Media Server
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    Brunhilde is a lightweight MP3/Media server, designed to provide easy, remote access to an MP3/Media library from a web-based interface.
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    Just upload files on your server and point to your home page. With Easy Music Box, users can play music files on demand or create their own playlists, which will be generated dynamically and played in the embedded player. All without a database!!
  7. Online Last.FM Player
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    The Last.FM Online Player allows you to listen to any Last.FM radio station without the need to install, or even download, any software.There is also a class available in Online Last.FM Player to easily get data from any profile on Last.FM.
  8. PHP Choral Music Library
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    PHP Choral Music Library is an application written in PHP and using MySQL to help musicians create and maintain a library of sheet music. It has multiple language support and supports a library which exists as a group of separate collections.
  9. WINR - An iTunes Net Remote
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    WINR is a web remote for iTunes (that wasn't redundant). It was developed in an effort to control the music streaming from my laptop. It uses AJAX to emulate the experience of iTunes via the internet. Currently it requires some fancy Apache setup and can only be served from a Mac but a more user friendly version is in the ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    ViewMAX is a feature enhanced branch of ZoneMinder. It includes a new look and feel, and attempts to maintain compatability with it's original ZM parent code tree.
  11. Astmail - Asterisk web voicemail
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    Astmail- Asterisk web voicemail, web interface to Asterisk voicemail written in php. What you will find in Astmail- Asterisk web voicemail:Includes some AJAX components such as LDAP-suggest, and user-lookup. Includes screens for forward by email and sms configuration.
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    Meeting Room Scheduler System is a free open-source application that provide you a easy way to book/schedule meetings, rooms, video conferences, all via WEB. Multi-language support: English, Portuguese, German and Catalan.
  13. Agatha - mp3 Your Way
    2705 total visits
    Agatha is a web based mp3 playing system that allows the home user or office group to stream music, create, manage and share play lists and control the playing of music on a remote system. Agatha needs no database.
  14. LySite
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    This Web based program manages and displays lyrics. It is based upon songs, which consist of a title, lyrics, an optional author and a copyright. Other features of LySite include albums, topical categories, user favorites, and attachments (mid ,pdf, mp3, mus).
  15. No Screenshot
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    StreamDownloader is a web interface to mplayer, it allows to record for personal use real audio and other mplayer compatible streams from the net. Recordings can be scheduled, stopped and downloaded.Introduction about StreamDownloader:- This couple of scripts was written to download Real Audio streams from the net and listen them later.- Testing was done on my TurboSLUG (a Linux embedded ...
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