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    You can create questionnaires with scores attached to questions and then see the participants’ scores and their relevant performance against the average of all participants. Skills evaluator automatically ranks participants based on your questions assigned points.Questions can be: Yes-No, Numeric Range, Correct Answer, Multiple Choice Single Answer, Multiple choice Multiple Answers, Free Text Questions and have negative or positive scores. ...
  2. GLPI - Free IT and Asset Management
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    GLPI is the Information Resource Manager with an additional Administration- Interface. You can use it to build up a database with an inventory for your company (computer, software, printers...). It has enhanced functions to make the daily life for the administrators easier, like a job-tracking-system with mail-notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network-topology.The principal ...
  3. Picok
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    Picok is written in PHP 5, uses the Yahoo User Interface Library and Zend Framework Components and supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes and is ready to be integrated into your corporate intranet, website or community platform as well.Picok stands for Personal Information Cockpit. It's an open source software package, aimed at enableing users to build their personal ...
  4. JustReason Engine
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    JustReason is a decision support system that assist a user to reach a decision. The engine is implemented in PHP and is designed to run in an online environment. The intention is that an existing website can be used as a wrapper for the engine.
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    Decider is an automated requirement gathering assistant. Systems analyst can use this software to gather imformation from client users.This software provides valuable questions, other analysts feedbacks, client feedbacks etc. to analyst when necassary.
  6. ARK
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    ARK the Archaeological Recording Kit is an opensource, standards compliant, web-delivered system for the creation, storage, manipulation and publication of archaeological data and media.In other words, it’s a system you can use to put your archaeological data on the web so that you can work on it and share it.The key aspects of Ark are as follows:- The Gayest Thing ...
  7. The Open ISES Project
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    Open Information Systems for Emergency Services (Open ISES) is a community of software developers, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement & fire fighters working together to create open source software & training materials for the emergency service community.
  8. E-hris
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    E-HRIS Is an open source human resource information management system developed to automate all aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardising HR processes for any organization from small-enterprises to large scale organizations. The following are some examples: contract management, ...
  9. OSSIM - AlienVault Open Source SIEM
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    OSSIM stands for Open Source Security Information Management. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive compilation of tools which, when working together, grant network/security administrators with a detailed view over each and every aspect of his or her networks, hosts, physical access devices, server, etc. Besides getting the most out of well known open source tools, some of which are ...
  10. Polaring
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    Polaring, Webbased software, written in html and php, for viewing exercises recorded by a polar watch and saved in either hrm ord srd -format.New for releases >=00.04.01, Polaring now also supports Garmin (TC-) .hst files!, utilizing the GPS data and Google Maps. To use it, you need to put it up on a web-server -- apache or some such.
  11. Matt's March Madness
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    Matt's March Madness is a simple web-based application to help you manage a pool for the NCAA D-I basketball "March Madness" tournament, providing a frontend with standings and what-if scenarios, as well as a comprehensive backend for the admin.
  12. Studis
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    Studis is a web application based on the PHP symfony framework. It is an information system mainly intended for universities and schools. Studis can handle user administration, grades distribution & notification, and perform & analyse evaluations.
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    PLEIAS is an open-source Inter-library Loan System (ILL) written in PHP-Mysql.Features of PLEIAS: - custom workflow and account types, - customer and supplier financial monitoring, - group accounts, - customer web interface for order tracking.
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    CoopWorks is a financial and member management information system (MIS) for farmers associations, agriculture cooperatives and sacco's in Africa. The first truly international Open Source Software development project ever launched from Kenya.
  15. Extract
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    Extract is an Web Information Management System which allows users to store and search many kind of structured data in a database (database records, Samba directories and files) classified in categories like in file system browsers.
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