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Free PHP Guestbook Script. PHPKode provides you free, simple PHP Guestbook Scripts to allow visitors to comment your website.
  1. Angora Guestbook
    3187 total visits
    Angora Guestbook is a simple guestbook with a powerful administrator center.... It has lots of features and build on strong ground. It uses PHP 5 and a MySQL database.... It uses several techniques to fight spam, it is multi .language, multi .themes, and even have a mobile version. Features of Angora Guestbook:- Anti-spam measures . CAPTCHA and support for reCaptcha, ...
  2. OpenGB Guestbook
    2790 total visits
    OpenGB Guestbook, a simple PHP MySQL website guestbook, user friendly and easily configurable.Features of OpenGB Guestbook:- administrator control panel, - spam protection,- IP address blocking.
  3. No Screenshot
    1812 total visits
    PHP-Fusion: Guestbook is an infusion for the popular Content Management System PHP-Fusion.
  4. Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook
    3077 total visits
    Main features of Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook: - UTF-8 messages, - template based customization, - comprehensive field validation, - pending/censored/private messages, - message preview, - visual confirmation (Captcha), - owner comment,- exporting messages in HTML.
  5. No Screenshot
    1396 total visits
    Cadence Guestbook is a guestbook script allowing webmasters to host and manage their own guestbook hosting service. It is easily extendible, and is very easy to use. FYI: THIS PROJECT IS INCOMPLETE AND I CURRENTLY HAVE NO PLANS TO FINISH IT.
  6. No Screenshot
    2114 total visits
    PhpGuestbook is a guestbook application written in PHP which provides text formatting, smilies, templates and an administration interface. It uses the PEAR::DB interface to connect to various databases and it is os independent.
  7. No Screenshot
    1681 total visits
    PhpGB is a guestbook made with mod_rewrite.
  8. No Screenshot
    500 total visits
    HIOX GuestBook is a PHP Guestbook utility. It is suitable for any webpage for anyone who wants a guestbook.Features HIOX GuestBook:- The guestbook script can be added in to any web page.- Configurable look and feel- You can view user's comments one by one, with previous and next option.- File based utility. No configurations required.- Admin option to login and ...
  9. No Screenshot
    323 total visits
    YW Guestbook is a guest book with tons of features, including the ability to sign and read. There are templates for it to customize the looks, and an administrator panel. Admin can make a censored word list and decide what form fields to use.Requirements:- PHP4 or PHP5- MySQL databaseWhat's New in This Release YW Guestbook:- Skin changes- Fixed admin skin ...
  10. No Screenshot
    383 total visits
    Micro guestbook is a free MySQL based guestbook script with a CSS based attractive interface. It can store the name, date, message, location, web and email information of the visitor. Installation:- Create a database table in MySQL- Set the correct connection information in the file db/db_connection.php- Run with index.php
  11. Simple PHP Guestbook
    800 total visits
    This is a very simple php guestbook, named as Simple PHP Guestbook. It doesn't use SQL database and is distributed under GPL license. Simple PHP Guestbook is VERY easy to install and integrate to existing webpage! Installation:- Unzip Transfer all unzipped files to your webserver- Change guestbook.txt file attributes so that it is writable by public. For example 'chmod ...
  12. XML Guestbook
    728 total visits
    This package is a small application for creating and managing guestbooks with content that is stored in XML files. It contains scripts for the pages to create, modify and delete guestbook entries. The class for parsing and generating the XML files uses only Expat extension that is built-in the base PHP distribution, so it does not require DOMXML or any ...
  13. No Screenshot
    322 total visits
    Admbook is a guestbook written in PHP that uses a text file for storing data. Features of Admbook:- database not required - allows to delete and edit messages through a web interface (admin only) - allows for admin to reply messages (admin only) - parses all HTML tags except: <b>some text</b> <i>some text</i> (can be turned on/off [admin only]) - ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1730 total visits
    PHP Guestbook script is meant to manage a guest book storing its records either in XML files database or in a SQL database. Currently it supports only MySQL databases. You can use Guestbook script to add new records, delete records, update a record, get and sort records to show up on your website. These methods are independent of chosen database ...
  15. No Screenshot
    1788 total visits
    This little project came to be when I couldn't find a shoutbox that was quite to my liking. I'm no expert with PHP, and the coding is far from elegant, but it seems to work well enough as a shoutbox/guestbook/chat script. I know it could be improved upon. After a couple of people asked if they could borrow the script, ...
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