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Free and open source PHP Communities & Forum Systems. These projects allow you to an online virtual community site whereby your members can interact, discuss and share items.
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    1580 total visits
    OpenPB, an Open Source bulletin board written entirely in object oriented PHP, including almost all up to date features.The project includes also several programming libraries, like template engine or database layer.
  2. Scribe
    2118 total visits
    Scribe is a click-efficient forum that runs on a flat-file database and employs powerful, dynamic features to enhance the user's experience.Descriptions of Scribe:- Vision: Scribe aims to become an advanced, robust forum platform. Its features provide an interactive and simple forum experience for both the user and administrators. Most importantly, it runs on a flat-file database, which means no messy ...
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    1955 total visits
    AODbb is a premoddified version of the popular phpBB forum system. It is chunkfull of features right off the bat making it easy for new and old users of phpBB to find their way around.
  4. BMForum
    1735 total visits
    BMForum is a open source forum based on PHP & MySQL. BMForum is a powerful forum with AJAX, Tags, RSS and more Web 2.0 Technology.
  5. Stanford Conference And Research Forum
    2180 total visits
    Stanford Conference And Research Forum, a php based system that helps researchers and conference administrators create discussion forums for their papers. It just needs a MySQL backend, a php enabled webserver, and few minutes to set up. Developed at Stanford University.SCARF is a php based system that helps researchers and conference administrators create discussion forums for their papers. It just ...
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    2364 total visits
    PHP postgres board is a postgreSQL-driven, PHP5-based open source forum engine.
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    1585 total visits
    vuBB Community Forums, free forum / bulletin board software. Requirements:- PHP - MySQL
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    1927 total visits
    Structured Forum, an activity social module for Moodle Learning Environment. StructuredForum is based on three types of generic contributions, namely specification, elaboration and consensus.
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    1812 total visits
    forumbb, yet another bulletin board writen in PHP.
  10. Fusion Board
    2002 total visits
    Fusion Board is a light but powerful bulletin board system. It keep a good balance between loading times, features, files sizes and safety. It includes all basics and advanced features, and unique features. But for now, it still under development.
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    1668 total visits
    The aim of this project 427BB is to produce a lightweight but reasonably secure PHP and MySQL Forum that can be easily installed to compatible web servers, and will be easily customisable for the end user as well as administrators.
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    2147 total visits
    LX is an online forum community website designed with performance, security, and design in mind. Written in PHP5 and still under active development, but it is usable.
  13. BuBOL - Bulletin Board Object Library
    2277 total visits
    BuBOL - Bulletin Board Object Library - is a framework of PHP classes to simplify and speed up development of custom web-based forum/bulletin board software, and also make it easier to integrate forums with 3rd party CMS applications.
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    2019 total visits
    Pre-Modified distribution of phpBB to ease users in creating phpBB powered forums. This distribution is dedicated to adding style, functionality and ease-of-use. All hacks and mods are pre-installed to save time in setting up your fourm.
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    2200 total visits
    PCBoard BBS , Q-Tip PCBoard Professional Bulletin Board System LAMP-Version.Inofficial version of the famous PCBoard(R) DOS BBS Software.Original PCB commands.Conferences, filebases, messagebases, multinode, multiuser, multilingual. And ... multiwindow multithreading.
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