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Free and open source PHP Communities & Forum Systems. These projects allow you to an online virtual community site whereby your members can interact, discuss and share items.
  1. Vikingboard
    1873 total visits
    Vikingboard is a PHP-based discussion forum software designed from the ground up by the principle of "less is more", and features a lighting-fast cache system and dynamic web update while still being small enough to host large boards on small servers.Small, but incredibly fast and powerful. According to our benchmarks, it outperforms all current discussion board software. Vikingboard features a ...
  2. No Screenshot
    2084 total visits
    NuclearBB is a state-of-the-art forum system offering a fresh view in the messaging field. With its modern interface, NuclearBB is a simple yet sophisticated software suited to all websites regardless of their genre. With its efficient engine and design, NuclearBB incorporates many superior features into its highly customisable style and programming. NuclearBB makes use of Ajax and javascript to create ...
  3. No Screenshot
    1831 total visits
    Distributed under the MIT open source license, OvBB is a light-weight and fast discussion board system that mimics vBulletin 2 in both look and behavior while incorporating new features and functionality.
  4. FlatForum
    2812 total visits
    FlatForum is a fast, clean, and simple threaded forum that uses a flatfile database. It's designed for people who have small to medium-sized websites and don't want a huge, bloated forum like phpBB. Features of FlatForum: - Small and fast. The required files for FlatForum are less than 150k combined. - Uses an optimized flatfile database. Unlike most flatfile forums, ...
  5. No Screenshot
    1684 total visits
    BBS_Bulletin_Board is a small footprint, threaded and file-based bulletin board. User supplied input is now filtered with class.inputfilter_clean.php from phpclasses package.
  6. SEO-Board
    2447 total visits
    SEO-Board is a fast, free and search engine friendly forum software written in PHP/MySQL. It is perfect for small and medium-size sites. If you are looking for a small, customizable and fast forum without all the bloat of the big ones, SEO-Board is for you.Features of SEO-Board:- Written in PHP and uses MySQL as a back-end. Requires: PHP 4.3.0 and ...
  7. No Screenshot
    1830 total visits
    Simple Forum is a simple class for managing the message posts of a forum stored in a MySQL database and displaying them in HTML pages.The users can post any messages in the forum without requiring prior registration or authorization. The forum may have many threads and each thread can have many posted messages.Simple Forum provides functions for presenting a new ...
  8. phpForumPro
    2266 total visits
    phpForumPro is a fast and powerful, password protected private discussion forum application built with the industry standard PHP scripting language and powered by MySQL database engine. Features of phpForumPro: - unlimited categories; - topics and messages; - user authentication; - user rankings; - message ratings; - file uploads; - advanced permissions support; - fast and powerful search engine; - powerful ...
  9. petitforum
    1922 total visits
    petitforum is a little discussion board which does not use MySQL and uses text files instead. Written in French.
  10. No Screenshot
    2099 total visits
    ADP Forum is a discussion board system that doesn't use any database, but instead stores all the data in txt files. The forum is highly customizable, you can easily edit: colours, fonts, icons. There is a detailed readme file that explains how to install. Features of ADP Forum: - user authentication, - member ratings, - avatars, - configuration panel, - ...
  11. No Screenshot
    2286 total visits
    board-tnk is a single-threaded, multi-forum script based on PHP and MySQL.Features of board-tnk: - very secure check of the urls, - multi-forums, only one level thread for each forum, - cookie for tracking user info, - msmiley icons, - "simplified" html can be used within the messages. - A password protected admin page allows to create and delete forums, - ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2033 total visits
    Vz Omnibus BB is a PHP Bulletin Board system that works with or without a MySQL database. It is simple to setup, configure and include into your site. It features templates and it's configurable in all its parts: colours , margins, fonts, language.
  13. WMForum
    1665 total visits
    WMForum is a very simple discussion board program writen in PHP. It doesn't use any SQL database.
  14. L-Forum
    2197 total visits
    L-Forum is a simple set of PHP scripts providing discussion forum to your web site. Features of L-Forum: - full threading support, - PostgreSQL and MySQL support, - multiple design themes support, - multiple language support, - collapsing threads, - removal of messages thru administration page, - file upload, - moderated forums and banning IP's from posting.
  15. JBB Board
    1911 total visits
    JBB is an easy to install Bulletin Board System based on php4 and MySQL. This is the first beta release yet still includes a lot of features. Currently, looking for developers and designers to join the project.
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