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Free and open source PHP Communities & Forum Systems. These projects allow you to an online virtual community site whereby your members can interact, discuss and share items.
  1. phpBB Smith - Modifications/Hacks
    1857 total visits
    Downloads of open source phpBB modifications, hacks, templates, and add-ons created by Thoul.
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    1579 total visits
    This is the place the Attachment Mod is at home. The Attachment Mod is an addition to phpBB Forums (not ported phpBB Packages), allowing to attach files to posts with a vast of options for displaying/adding files. The feature list will reveal most of it.
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    2115 total visits
    IntegraMOD is a pre-modded version of phpBB incorporating the best MODs for phpBB. With the project IntegraMOD, to cultivate and organize forum is an easy job for you.
  4. CGB RPG Systems Premod
    2442 total visits
    CGB Rpg Systems Premod is a mod for phpbb 2.x which adds a majorly configurable rpg system to your Phpbb based board. Based on ADR and its mods... CGB is deigned to save users the trouble of installing the mods them selves.
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    2219 total visits
    Ultimate PHP Board is completely text based making it easy for anybody who has access to PHP can run a messageboard of thier own without the need for MySQL.
  6. No Screenshot
    1638 total visits
    ModphpBB3 - Modded phpBB Version is a fully modified phpBB 3 version. This forum script contains pre-installed, many modification releases from the phpBB database.
  7. No Screenshot
    1810 total visits
    Fully modded phpBB forum software with choice of portals, it is believed to be the easiest to learn phpbb forum at current moment.
  8. No Screenshot
    1915 total visits
    Projet de la traduction franaise officielle pour phpBB, hbergeant les diverses archives du logiciel, les fichiers de langue et les packs d'images en franais, notre outil de rapport de bogues et notre dpt de versions en dveloppement.
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    1771 total visits
    PHPBB Usenet Bridge is a bridge to synchronize PHPBB 3 forums with Usenet news groups. This effectively transforms PHPBB into a usenet news reader.
  10. No Screenshot
    1966 total visits
    PHPBB3 Armory World of Warcraft Tooltip is a New BBCodes to link World of Warcraft data Direct from Oficial Armory website [wow]Item Name[/wow] for items [char=Realmname]Charname[/char] for characters.
  11. No Screenshot
    1757 total visits
    Nickvergessen-mods, MODs for phpBB3 by nickvergessen.
  12. No Screenshot
    1873 total visits
    phpBB Endless Duel - Sua nova opo de fruns pr-modificados baseados no famoso phpBB.
  13. No Screenshot
    1454 total visits
    geccnuke is a weblog/portal written in php and mysqlgeccBB is a webforum written in php and mysql.
  14. No Screenshot
    2045 total visits
    Full phpBB is a fully modded phpBB Board for use on websites.
  15. No Screenshot
    1798 total visits
    AbTrack is an addon for phpBB forums. This is a private BitTorrent tracker fully integrated with the forum system. Currently only fully functional with MySQL. (not including 5.0+)
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