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Free and open source PHP Communities & Forum Systems. These projects allow you to an online virtual community site whereby your members can interact, discuss and share items.
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    Chinese Project Forum is a project that translate open source projects into chinese. Currently include PostNuke, Invision Board, etc.
  2. MercuryBoard
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    MercuryBoard is a bulletin board script written in Object-Oriented PHP. It utilizes a mySQL database, with support for more database programs in the near future. MercuryBoard aims to be the fastest, least server intensive, fully featured bulletin board.
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    DarkCodex is a forum and discussion system written in PHP and is a based direct conversion of WWWThreads GPL version 3.5.1.
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    Audit questions and answers question. Change the Group format. Show the topic or topic and image Block member and Block Ads 100% Style Sheet URL Mod Rewrite Video Streaming and Mp3 Player. An easy discussion board. Enjoy it.
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    PHPBB 3 integration can perform several operations to integrate the users of a site with records in a MySQL database with the user table of a PHPBB 3 installation.It can import users into the phpBB3 user table, as well as insert, update or delete a user record.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several operations to manipulate forum messages can be pefomed.Key Features of Foro:- List the forum topics, threads and messages- Mark threads as read- Retrieve the number of topic threads, the number of thread messages, the number of user messages- Start a new topic thread- Post a new message to a threadRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments ...
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    PHPBB 3 Integration class can access the MySQL database used by a phpBB version 3 installation and perform several types of operations with the accounts stored in it. There is also an auxiliary script to keep the phpBB sessions alive.Key Features of PHPBB 3 Integration class:- Begin and end an user login session- Check if an user is logged in- ...
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    CURL phpBB Functions can be used to execute several actions in a PHPBB forum hosted on a remote site.It uses the PHP Curl library extension to log in in a remote PHPBB site on behalf of a given user using his user name and password.CURL phpBB Functions can post new forum topics, reply to topics and log out from the ...
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    BBCode Advanced can be used to edit text formatted with BBCode tags. It can generate a tool bar with form buttons to format text in a textarea field using BBCode tags to represent the supported text styles and other edition functions.Currently BBCode Advanced can set the text style to bold, italic, underline and strike-through, set the text font family, color ...
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    ContentBBcode Parser can be used to parse and reformat BBCode like tags as HTML. It recognizes special tags that start with the name rk: OR rk_ . When these are found in the content text with this BBCode like tags, it looks up in a SQLite database for the PHP code that can process the tags that were found.ContentBBcode Parser ...
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    Source Parser can be used to parse text BBCode style tags like [PIC="logo.gif"], [IMG PIC="photo.jpg" BORDER=0], [B]text[/B] etc.It invokes given calllback functions when open and close tags are found passing the attributes of the tags. The callback functions can return text that is used to replace the tags that are found.Optionally, Source Parser can turn URLs and e-mail addresses into ...
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    phpforumPlus is meant to create and manage a discussion forum board with messages stored in a database.Features of phpforumPlus:- Displaying threads for different forum topics- Letting users to post new threads or reply to existing ones- Restricting the use of limited number of HTML tags in message threads- Message post bodies and the tables' layout customization by defining different style ...
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    PHPBB Login Integration allows you to integrate your own login system with phpBB forum system. Meaning that you can have one login valid across both your Web site and phpBB.The class lets your site create a phpBB login session to be associate with the same user that has logged in a existing login system of your site.To take full advantage ...
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    PuszForum is a simple forum based on PuszBaza 1.2.2. You don't need anything else to use it (Only PHP4). Example of this forum you can find at
  15. Thwboard
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    Thwboard is a PHP/MySQL-based board that runs very stable extremly fast even on large sites like Features of Thwboard: - MySQL Support, - usergroups, - private messaging, - news backend with comment function, - avatars, - statistics, - multilingual installer, - highly customizable with themes and hacks.
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