PHP FAQ System

Free and open source PHP FAQ Projects. These projects allow you to offer your visitor with a Q&A section whereby they can search and submit pre-defined answers. In this category, you will also find Yahoo Answers clone scripts.
  1. Knowledge Box
    2532 total visits
    Knowledge Box allows any web user to easily create, configure, and maintain an unlimited number of customizables and extensibles knowledge bases.Features of Knowledge Box:- Unlimited number of bases- Customizable to fit your needs- Keywords management- Integrated search engine- Multi-relational/ linked entries- Easy integration- No code/ DBA knowledge required
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    class.faqmanager.php allows for easy display of a FAQ that is stored in a MySQL database. You can also perform a rudementary search on the questions and answers. It is an Open Source PHP FAQ script.
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    FAQ Viewer Language class is an extension of the PHP FAQ viewer in order to provide translations of the messages in multiple idioms.Translations for Arabic and English idioms are included. Other idioms may also be supported.
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    1901 total visits
    Knowledge is an Open Source PHP FAQ system. A basic KnowledgeBase, simple installation, easy to use! Support for unlimited articles, search feature, very easy to use and for your customers to use!
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    1797 total visits
    PhpGlossary is a script to create a glossary online. Display all entries or by lettres (alphabetical linked list). Search form on words and their definition. Visitors can suggest entries. With administration and validating files. Looks can be changed in the configuration file (css). (SharedGlossary is now a feauture of PhpGlossary).
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    2215 total visits
    Geeklog Plugins, Static Pages and Blocks is a plugin project for the Geeklog CMS, providing plugins, static pages and blocks.The main project is MultiFAQ - a multilingual FAQ that lets each user see the FAQ in their chosen language.
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    2629 total visits
    KnowledgebasePublisher is a knowledgebase software, FAQ solution or just content manager about any other type of articles that you want to publish on your website.
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