PHP Enterprise ERP / CRM

Free and open source PHP Enterprise ERP & CRM Project. Provide the company a solution to manage the customer relationship.
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    CoreAsset is a Open Source Enterprise Asset Management solution to mange the infrastructure, resource and library for the effective management, control and protection of assets within an organization, throughout all lifecycle stages.
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    Finasystem is a Technical Analysis library written in PHP5 (OO) language providing 50 indicators functions for the technical analysis of Financial Markets. We are moving now to others issues: Data retrievers, Graphical capabilitites, etc.
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    Forth Valley CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System allows easy management of all customers and ability to view centraly all Invoice's, Quote's, Note's and more for each customer.
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    SureInvoice, powerful, full featured time tracking, billing and customer portal for service oriented businesses. Additional features of SureInvoice include track commissions, bill projects on spec and let you use Activity Based Costing. Now with support for credit card billing
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    QUICKLYWEB, PHP Billing Software to administer Cpanel/WHM based servers.
  6. Anahaw Open Payroll System
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    Anahaw Open Payroll System is an open source window/linux based payroll program especially designed for Philippines. It can be used by other countries with similar tax setup or it can be easily modified to suite any particular need.
  7. PHP Timeclock
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    PHP Timeclock is a simple yet effective web-based time clock system. It allows you to track all employee time as well as upcoming vacations and more, it can also replace manual sign-in sheets and such. It is written in php and utilizes a mysql database.
  8. phpBusinessPlan
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    phpBusinessPlan helps you to create a comprehensive plan for your developing business. phpBusinessPlan has over 70 optional sections with links to descriptions and examples for what they should contain. It has a very simple interface and is completely web based.
  9. MyPBS
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    MyPBS is a PHP/MySQL/Perl accounting package for the Portable Batch System (PBS). It has advanced features such as projects, service-unit weights, per-user project permissions, pdf/csv reporting and much more!
  10. GEStione SOci
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    GEStione SOci is a simple web-based archive for any non-profit organization that need to keep a register of all associates.
  11. SAPRFC extension for PHP
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    SAPRFC is the extension module for PHP4 and PHP5 that allow call ABAP functions in an SAP R/3 system from PHP scripts. On other side it's also possible write RFC server program in PHP and call PHP functions from ABAP.
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    Cronus, a php/mysql based payroll system for work-study employees in Temple University's computer science department. The css themeable design of the system is a module loader -> php session -> module framework that can easily be extended to suit many needs.
  13. Open HR Repository
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    Open HR aims to become an open repository for various Human Resource components. These components communicate using HR-XML via SOAP.
  14. Contrack Order Management
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    Contrack Order Management is a web-enabled order-centric management software that supports the planning and management of the order's complete life-cycle. It supports order entry, contacts management, production planning and tracking as well as financial monitoring.
  15. PushOk SEMA
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    PushOk SEMA - PHP based group/project management application. SEMA is abbreviation of Small Enterprise Management Application. By "small enterprise" we mean any business, intellectual most often, with 5-15 workers.
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