PHP Enterprise ERP / CRM

Free and open source PHP Enterprise ERP & CRM Project. Provide the company a solution to manage the customer relationship.
  1. BAM - Business Activities Management
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    BAM - Business Activities Management is a simple software for management activities. This software structure projects work orders (= clients) and activities (eg design, development, etc.) and allows you to track time to work on. Bam also allows you to issue an invoice.
  2. ComUnion ERP
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    ComUnion ERP is helping small and midsized businesses better manage their operations. ComUnion is a fully functional, open platform for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management. Developed using PHP, Javascript and MySQL. Follows MVC design/architecture.
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    CLIGRAPHCRM is a CRM web based. It is an Open source CeCILL-C licence. The project provides reports with graphs, sales-management, marketing campaigns with e-mailing, data export,internal news,etc..
  4. EnterTrack
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    EnterTrack is an enterprise-level issue management system written in PHP. It is derived from Issue-Tracker v4.0.1 and adds a number of features particularly useful to larger groups. EnterTrack provides large organizations with start-to-finish tracking of artifacts (artifacts can be problems, bugs, requests, projects, etc.), group collaboration for artifact management, and status reports for high-level performance metrics.
  5. PhpRechnung
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    PhpRechnung is easy-to-use Web-based multilingual accounting software. PhpRechnung is designed to help you: - Adressbuch und Positionen / Artikel verwalten, Angebote und Rechnungen erstellen - Zahlungen vornehmen, Kassenbuch und offene Posten verwalten ... - Berichte erstellen: Buchungsdetails, Rechnungsausgangsbuch ... - Sprachen: - Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Kroatisch, Niederländisch, Polnisch und Spanisch.
  6. No Screenshot
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    Kudos is designed to give points for an Employee at the beginning of the month and is allowed to award points to other employees. Employees are then ranked so that the employee with the highest points can be rewarded. Employees can create other groups and point categories.
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    SugarCrm custom modules for timetracking, CV/project/Resource Allocation/Expense/Incident (ITIL)/Product mangagement. Including a new flash dashlets. Also an installable module that allows sugarcrm to have one-many relationships in subpanels
  8. Smart Restaurant
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    Smart Restaurant is a software created to help restaurant waiters and managers in their job. providing both a POS and a handheld interface with a powerful back end system.Features of Smart Restaurant:- Waiters can choose a restaurant table, assign orders to it and have them be automatically printed on printers.- "Normal" dishes can also be modified, by adding or removing ...
  9. Gestin
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    Gestin (Issue Management System) is a multiuser and interactive control and maintenance system for the company's technical issues.
  10. No Screenshot
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    Valid tiny-erp is a usefull tiny-erp for profesionals. You can keep your inventory , your sales , your buys and you keep record of customers & suppliers. Its a multiuser application so your parthners and your secretary can use it too.
  11. No Screenshot
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    OpenTender is software which allows an organisation to create and publish online tenders (eTendering) as well as accept responses from selected vendors.
  12. Conference and Meeting Management System
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    The IAPR COMMENCE System is a web application, written in PHP linked to a MySQL database, used for managing Technical Conferences.Conference and Meeting Management System provides electronic submission of papers, reviewer assignment, peer reviewing, emailing of letters, program design etc.
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    ARBS is short for Advanced Resource Booking System. It provides a Web-Interface to manage and book resources like rooms or devices and shows the capacity of resources in a Calendar.
  14. Persoweb
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    Persoweb is an easy to use employee scheduling program. The intuitive user interface and powerful features make it the ideal tool for creating custom schedules with simple mouse point & clicks.Visually edit schedules and keep track of employee's shift.
  15. Office Hours Scheduling System
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    Office Hours Scheduling System is a web-based system for posting and scheduling office hour appointments.
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