PHP Enterprise ERP / CRM

Free and open source PHP Enterprise ERP & CRM Project. Provide the company a solution to manage the customer relationship.
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    allocPSA, the premier online Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, integrates Project Management, CRM, Time Sheets, Billing, Resources, Reporting, Tasks, Invoicing, Calendars & Reminders into an easy-to-install cross platform web application.Features of allocPSA:- Digital dashboard- Project management- Tasks- Timesheets- Financials- CRM- Item loans- Personnel- Calendaring- Reminders- Fault & issue tracking service desk- Document management- Reporting
  2. Covide
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    Covide combines CRM, Groupware and CMS with SEO productivity features into one easy to use webbased application. Covide also integrates with Asterisk OS PBX and Google Apps. Covide consists of a number of tools (functionalities, modules; we call this all together 'Covide on demand') which also cooperate and where possible automate tasks.Covide is also not bound to a specific platform. ...
  3. eBrigade
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    eBrigade permet la gestion du personnel et des véhicules des centres de secours (sapeurs pompiers) ou associations de secouristes. Génération automatique de la feuille de garde et des piquets en fonction des disponibilités. Alertes par mail et SMS.Features of eBrigade:- Gestion du personnel et des compétences améliorée- Gestion des véhicules et du matériel- Export des données vers excel- Gestion des ...
  4. TimeTrex Time and Attendance
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    TimeTrex is a complete web-based payroll and time management suite which offers employee scheduling, time & attendance (timeclock, timesheet), job costing, invoicing and payroll all in tightly integrated package. TimeTrex offers three product editions, TimeTrex Standard, TimeTrex Business and TimeTrex Professional.
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    ampCAD, a computer aided dispatch (CAD) solution aimed towards smaller entities that need to dispatch and keep track of resources. It was built with public safety in mind, but could be used for other applications as well. Google Maps provides a visual overview.
  6. C.A.T. (Customer Administration Tool)
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    C.A.T. ist eine Verwaltungs software fuer kleine Kfz-Betriebe. Mit C.A.T. werden Kunden und Kundenfahrzeuge verwaltet, C.A.T. unterstuetzt die vollstaendige Rechnungslegung, inkl. Erstellung von Kostenvoranschlaegen, Auftraegen und Kundenkorrespondenz.Features of C.A.T. (Customer Administration Tool):- Kundenverwaltung- Fahrzeugverwaltung- Werkstattaufträge- Rechnungslegung- Kostenvoranschläge- Kundenkorrespondenz- Administration
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    Electris Payroll is designed as an ajax lamp payroll software. It is mostly based on DRC labor law. And the project is still on development phase.
  8. WaypointHR
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    WaypointHR is an HR database for managing employee records and personnel information. MySQL is used for the database and PHP (4 or 5) is used for the web browser based interface. Ease of use and effective management reports are key design goals.
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    Agenda Pro is a simple multi-user web-based contact manager designed for modern companies to schedule their agenda as easy as to write word document.
  10. Gamma AMS
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    Gamma AMS is short for Gamma Agency Management Software for insurance agencies with multiple offices written in PHP 5.
  11. Web(b)h FiBu fuer deutsches Steuerrecht
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    Web(b)h wurde aus dem Wunsch geboren, ein einfaches und vernuenftiges Buchhaltungssystem zu haben, das unter allen Betriebssystemen und Oberflaechen funktioniert und deutsches Recht abbildet. web(b)h ist mandanten- und multiuserfaehig.
  12. CMS Cart - eCommerce ERP Cart/Web store
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    CMS Cart -eCommerce ERP Cart/Web store is design cart/webstore/web store,eCommerce,CMS,website,etc. Interactive designer with prebuilt templates. Interactive content manager. No coding, very powerful. PHP with MySQL. API to EdgeERP live inventory and structure. Multiple images,documents.
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    ConPortal is a project for the Consultant Portal. It is a web-based scheduling and timeclock system, ideal for use at service desks.
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    Business Customer and Lead Management is key to any successful business is get leads in, be on top of each lead, convert them to customer and then manage the customers.
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    The LATRIX is an HR support web application. It provides presence and attendance recording, attendance tracking, paperless leave applications (with freely definable leave types), block periods, a fire register and extensive reporting options.
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