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Free and open source PHP Email Project. Help you to build a Mail System, Autoresponders, Reminders. Also keep the spam away from your Mail Box.
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    Mailqui is a PHP software for mail queue management. Its main function is to improve large mail queue management, giving user facilities like flush or drop entire queue, requeue only selected messages and, if you want, see message contents.
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    Gashash, email addresses collector from websites or text files.
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    Asterisk Voice Mail Feed with Podcast, RSS2 feed generator for Asterisk PBX Voice Mail system. Generates iTunes compatible feed to download voice mail files on iPod.
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    XMail Log Archiver, a log archival and analysis tool for XMail email servers. The tool will also analyze the logged data and email administrative reports.Written in PHP, XMail Log Archiver can be run on many platforms.
  5. webpostman
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    webpostman, a system responsible for managment imap/POSTFIX Server email accounts, using MySql databases.
  6. Laikwan WMC
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    Laikwan WMC, single web mail client interface to access Gmail, Hotmail/Msn, and IMAP accounts all at the same time. Tabbed interface for reading and composing email. 3 Panel Perspective in Laikwan WMC: - folder list,- email list,- email preview.
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    Webextreme is a webbased multilanguage configuration tool written in PHP for the freeware mailserver eXtremail.
  8. paperasse
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    paperasse is a software for personal home mails and bills management. With paperasse it's easier to find a mail you received or sent using the software database entries. Limitations:paperasse is available in french only for the moment.
  9. The Family Address Book
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    TFAB is a web-based shared address book. Integrated with your default email client, sending emails from TFAB is a snap. TFAB displays natively in MS Outlook and is platform independent.
  10. MailBlaster
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    MailBlaster is an easy way to create and send e-mail to groups of addresses. It is easily tweaked for individual needs. It includes a list manager and wysiwyg html message editor, and an easy to edit config file.
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    The Macromail (Macrowing Webmail) is a webmail client which is programmed using php and php_imap. Running on Linux/Unix system, using maildir format for keeping mails. It's simple, easy to use.
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    Viewer for Mailsweepers filtered message is a tool written in php to make the headers of mails that were filtered by Clearswifts Mailsweeper (4.3) viewable by users via Webbrowser. Users can then check for false positives. Requires adodb, smarty and switched on reporting in Mailsweeper.
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    XMail PHP administration interface (XPAI) is a web- and php-based management system for the XMail mail server. XPAI offers a simple, comfortable and secure way to manage XMail at different levels, from the single POP3 user up to a site admin.
  14. Basted
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    BASTED is a free tool that acts as a honeypot for spammers, who use spambots to harvest email addresses from websites. BASTED has been designed to become a powerfull tool for system administrators willing to learn about the the spam process.
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    Attachment_doc is a SquirrelMail plugin that allows users to view the document attachments in their emails using their browsers. The plugin translates documents into html format. Currently supports MSWord (DOC) and Portable Document Format (PDF) !
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