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Download Free and open source PHP Education Projects. Create your original training programs and courses with these Online training solution.
  1. Quadrille multimedia assessment system
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    Quadrille is a multimedia assignment and assessment system. It is an open platform for web-learning and e-learning. I let teachers creating, administering exercises and assingments easily, and lets students learn effectively.
  2. PHP Book Club
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    PHP Book Club is a web application designed to allow users of small groups (like User Groups, Clubs) to share their collection of books with each other. Individual users can create an account, and add their books to the system. Then other users can browse the collective 'library' and borrow books from other users.The system tracks who has which books, ...
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    Simple CoUrses OnLine Administration, School timetable management, together with students, teacher and classroom administration, pased on PHP + MySQL/PostgreSQL.
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    E2Exam: LAMP for the Education is a Free Testing program accessible via web browser.Requirements:- PHP(and its associates), - MySQL(and parties), - Javascript,- HTML.
  5. Tesly
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    Tesly is a web application written in PHP that helps you create, execute, and report on test plans. It plans are comprised of test cases, which are made up of step-by-step procedures.Each step has an action to take and a result that is expected. QA leaders can track the progress of testing as testers use the interface to report completion ...
  6. ClassroomBookings
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    Classroombookings is a free, open-source and easy-to-use room booking system for schools built using the CodeIgniter PHP application framework. It’s released under the Affero GNU General Public Licence.Requirements:- Web server (Apache. mod_rewrite optional)- PHP 5 (GD optional)- MySQL 5Features of Classroombookings:- Eliminate double-bookings: If a room is already booked by somebody or is used for a timetabled lesson, no one ...
  7. Kronophobia
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    The aim of Kronophobia is to provide an Open Source, web enabled school calendaring system that is event based, has a lot of features, is easily and intuitively used and managed and runs on any *NIX system.Features of Kronophobia:- Event management- Holiday management- No School days or Break management- Event Recurrence and approval system- Opponent/Schools database for meets,sports games,etc.- external ...
  8. Wordcircle
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    Wordcircle is an open source web application written in PHP. The application is intended to assist classroom teachers and educators in collaborating with their students. Courses consist of a course overview, a calendar, discussion groups, project areas.
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    Several types of information about books are retrieved by sending requests to the WorldCat xISBN Web services API. Key Features of WorldCat XISBN:· Getting metadata of a given book· Getting all editions similar to a book with a given ISBN· Convert between ISBN 10 and 13· Fix the checksum of a given ISBN· Guess the publisher area of a given ...
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    Requests to obtain information about books, are sent to the LibraryThing Web services API.Key Features of LibraryThing Services:- Get the list of related works given the ISBN of a book- Get the language of a book with a given ISBN- Get the identifier, page URL and related works of a book with a given ISBNRequirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    LabStoRe is a modular, optionally account-based, inventory or LIMS system that provides a way to collect, maintain, present and archive information on laboratory stocks and records.A laboratory with a good inventory, or better, information system, saves time, reduces errors, prevents wastage, and occasionally even provides insights. The interface to this system is web-based, making it conveniently accessible and even though ...
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    This code is helpfull for small dynamic application, EasyHint was written to be used on an e-learning system, so hope that you'll find it useful.
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    Features of phpBible: - text keyed to Strong's numbers as well as italicized words and paragraphs marked. The text and other data are in a mySQL database accessed via PHP script. The entire project can be downloaded and installed on any web site that utilized mySQL and PHP (the same essential requirements as for phpBB, Invision Power Board, YaBB, MiniBB, ...
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    This set of webpages is my attempt to make portal applications about of common applications. PortalXP - Teacher Edition is a PHP/MySQL application used to create a common front-end for teacher websites.
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    Moodle (Moodle Course Management System) use Gregorian calendar as its calendar and if I you want to use another calendar system, you will have a problem. You can't use Jalali Calendar for your moodle system. this project solve this problem.
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