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Download Free and open source PHP Education Projects. Create your original training programs and courses with these Online training solution.
  1. LogiCampus
    3112 total visits
    LogiCampus is a distance learning and course management system that is freely available to colleges, universities and schools. LogiCampus was built in conjunction with Tarrant County College Center for Distance Learning of Fort Worth, Tx. LogiCampus allows a college, university, or school district to run existing classes or online learning classes via the web as well as provide the foundation ...
  2. ATutor
    2619 total visits
    ATutor is an open source Web-based e-lLearning content management system (LCMS). It was designed to offer accessibility and adaptability. An admin panel is provided where administrators can customize or update ATutor within minutes. User roles also grant various access rights to various users. Features of ATutor:- Setup, organize and test students- Manage courses- Themes- Plugins- Administration panel- Easy installer- Social ...
  3. Ascended Dictionary
    2400 total visits
    Ascended Dictionary is an easy to use online dictionary.Featuring of Ascended Dictionary:- admin panel,- direct edit and delete, - ajax load of categories, - search in word and description, templates, language files,- dynamic category creation, - user set categories, - UTF-8 compatible. - Fast and easy installation.
  4. AlefMentor
    2455 total visits
    AlefMentor (LMS) is a Learning Management System which makes it easy for you to create your online courses and tests. All users of the system can communicate and cooperate with each other. There is no limit on the number of courses, instructors, students, or administrators in the system. An online management system is provided for administrators, students, instructors, and consumers. ...
  5. Basmati
    2151 total visits
    Basmati is a set of open-source PHP scripts that allows parents, students, and teachers to privately view classroom grades via the internet. Basmati interfaces with Misty City's Grade Machine and Orbis Software's Easy Grade Pro.
  6. No Screenshot
    2240 total visits
    Kebec - Virtual University, an open university plataform, basicaly for math student.Kebec - Virtual University supports math syntax, there are a lot of modules: forum, chat, notes, etc. Today it supports two languages, portuguese and english.
  7. Standardized Test Practice Engine
    2014 total visits
    STPE is a PHP and MySQL CMS which is designed specifically for educators to use to prepare students for standardized tests.Standardized Test Practice Engine allows for students to create their own subject reviews, and practice questions, which can then be used for preparation.
  8. ClassSimple
    2381 total visits
    ClassSimple aims to provide an online platform for student-teacher interaction while being as simple to manage as possible. Features include, online documents, grades, and multiple-choice tests.
  9. TCExam - Computer-Based Assessment
    2983 total visits
    TCExam is a Computer Based Assessment (CBA) software system (also know as CBT - Computer Based Testing or e-exam) that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. TCExam is Free Open Source Software, Web-Based, Platform Independent, Language Independent (includes translations in several languages and RTL support) and conforms to W3C Accessibility ...
  10. Science Lab Inventory & Order Management
    3322 total visits
    Science Laboratory Inventory and Orders Management System: more suitable for school's science laboratories to manage stored items (chemical and equipment) and add a way to order them on-line for science lessons and practical experiments.
  11. Open Bioprocess Monitor
    1629 total visits
    Open Bioprocess Monitor aims to be open source remote monitoring system for bioreactors. System (written in php) can display all available data in a web browser. Currently system has been built as a proof of concept for educational purposes.
  12. ClaSS
    2348 total visits
    ClaSS (ClaSS Student System) is a complete student tracking, reporting and information management system. The latest web-application methods allow the school community access. ClaSS aims to be the ubiquitous classroom information assistant for school.
  13. CommSy
    2101 total visits
    CommSy is a webbased community system, originally developed at the University of Hamburg, Germany, to support learning/working communities.
  14. TestMaker
    2507 total visits
    TestMaker is a web-based software for presentation, administration and evaluation of psychometric tests. First and foremost testMaker is tailored to the needs of Web-based self-tests with performance feedback (self-assessments), but it can also be used in other online surveys. Using testMaker neither programming nor HTML knowledge is required.
  15. Glossword
    2779 total visits
    Glossword is a system to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. Suits for creating web sites also. WAMP [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP] package is available.
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