PHP E-Commerce

Free and Open Source PHP E-Commerce project, which allows you to easily run an online store with PHP Shopping Cart Software. It can also be used to process the payment.
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    MySeat Restaurant Reservation System offers the easiest way to manage your restaurant table reservations.mySeat is designed to just work with low maintenance needs and ease to use like a diary. mySeat has a webform to integrate in your Website and a iPhone interface to book while you are out.
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    The aim of SOA For Virtuemart (WebServices) is to develop WebServices for Joomla/ Virtuemart to open Joomla/ Virtuemart to SOA Architectures. With this component you can connect to Virtuemart with many languages like Java, Flash/Flex, PHP, Javascript, C++, .NET via SOAP.Features of SOA For Virtuemart (WebServices):- WebService for Products- WebService for Categories- WebService for Orders- WebService for SQL Queries- WebService ...
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    phpYABS (Yet Another Book-management Software) is an Object-Oriented application written for PHP 5.2.x and based on symfony and Zend Framework.The goal of phpYABS: Yet Another Book Software is to provide a simple interface to manage either a personal book library or a book store.
  4. SolidState Billing
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    SolidState Billing is a web-based Customer Management and Billing solution designed for web hosting providers, particularly hosting resellers. It is developed in PHP, uses MySQL as the backend database, and is licensed under the GPL.Key features of SolidState Billing:- Open source (GPL)- Support for PHP4 and PHP5- Use MySQL database- Independent Payment Gateways Module- Indepenent Domain Registrar Module- Multi-user system- ...
  5. Batavi
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    Batavi is an open source e-commerce platform.Functionalities of Batavi: - Fully flexible template system including pages/boxes groups layout and page access limitation- Full content management including menu's, texts, mails, pages etc- Robust architecture to process very large numbers of products, visitors, customers and orders- Customer-/group specific pricing, payment or shipping modules- Related products for cross- and upselling- Unlimited productsegmentation to ...
  6. ZenMagick
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    ZenMagick is an addition to zen-cart, one of the major Open Source e-Commerce application. ZenMagick provides access to zen-cart features via an object oriented API. It also contains an alternative theme system which offers better separation of code and HTML.Features of ZenMagick:- Unlimited Products/Categories- Multi Currency- Multi Language- Clean, uncluttered admin- Custom product types- Built-in Ajax support- Open Source- Flexible ...
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    OpenReg is PHP / MySQL conference registration software designed with small non-profit organizations in mind. It is designed without bells and whistles, but is flexible enough to allow many different types of registrants and registration types.Conceptions of OpenReg:- Ease to install and administer. . Installation requires copying files to a directory and running a MySQL import. Even this will be ...
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    Kassanova is an open source point of sale project. You can use this software in combination with an open source webshop. Possiblity for translations, layout files an fulle configurable.Features of Kassanova:- Stock control- Customer management- Use barcode- Auto open cash drawer- Touch screen support
  9. VibrantOS
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    VibrantOS is an open source CMS for building up your own live shop (one deal a day), developed by Daniel Dinter. It is completely stand-alone, non-commercial and free of advertisement. Currently, vibrantOS is bilingual due to that it is German based.
  10. Grocery List
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    Grocery List is Web (PHP) based Grocery List generating software that supports barcode scanning. The list is maintained in a mysql DB with remote tools for adding, editing, deleting, and printing.Features of Grocery List:- Compatible with wedge and usb barcode scanners- Add, edit, and delete items from your grocery list- Supports UPC barcodes and gets information from The Internet UPC ...
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    ICT FAX is multi-user, web based business solution with advance billing capabilities featuring duration as well as per unite billing. ICTFAX features email to fax, web to fax , fax to email, supports G.711, PSTN and T.38 origination and termination.ICTFAX is complete faxing solution and does not need to be integerated with other open source projects to function that makes ...
  12. StockManiac
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    StockManiac is an alternative Asset Inventory System with web based user interface. It can retrieve quotes and news feeds automatically and has a time-machine like design which distinguishes it from many other portfolio management applications.All information in the project is kept in a tight relation to "time", which means that you can dive back into the past and review things ...
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    Whether your a wholesale distributor or just selling hundreds/thousands of different products, save hundreds monthly or compliment your catalog ordering system.Spreadsheets add/update products, and the help system and failsafes guide you and employees.
  14. Real Estate - ReOS
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    ReOS is a web based real estate listing management application. Everything you need for a real estate web site. For Sale, Rentals, Holiday rentals, many property types, unlimited images, location, private area for sellers/buyers, newsletters, etc..Features of Real Estate - ReOS:- Easy installation and configuration- Manage sales, rentals and holiday rentals or set up your own- Ability to define property ...
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    Just Another Checkbook Register is a PHP/MySQL based checkbook register Web App designed for a home server.Features of JACR - Just Another Checkbook Register:- Password Protection- Add/edit/delete multiple accounts- Add/edit/delete transactions- Account balance- Date picker- Time picker
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