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Free and open source PHP Documents Management. Make a easy way to build a Document System, web based file manager, PDF or Office document.
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    PHP Fan Fiction is a flat-file PHP archiving software, designed to provide a database backend for small to medium sized story archiving sites. It consists of only 2 files and 1 folder and will easily intergrate into existing websites.All you need is a webhost that supports PHP (Most hosts do) and FTP access to your site. There are no special ...
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    TesUpload allows asynchronous file uploads with a progress bar in PHP. One of the few things that PHP lacks that other web environments have, is the ability to report the progress of a file upload. This means that file uploads, especially uploads of larger files, can be extremely frustrating for end users when they don’t know if the upload is ...
  3. KnowledgeTree
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    KnowledgeTree to share Documents with coworkers and control document processess without the complexity. Features of KnowledgeTree:- File Sharing and Collaboration: Eliminate wasted time searching for the latest version of a document in shared drives and on your local hard drive – KnowledgeTree keeps all your content in one secure location. Stop clogging up email - collaborate with coworkers on a ...
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    Owl is a multi user document repository (knowledgebase) , document manager and/or document management system (DMS) written in PHP for publishing of files/documents onto the web for a corporation, small business, group of people, or just for yourself.Features of Owl Intranet Knowledgebase:- WebDav- Bulk Upload via Jupload Java Applet Supports Drag and Drop- Reads File System
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    TherapyDoc is designed to implement a web based clinical documentation system for Pediatric Outpatient Rehab clinics providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. From initial referral through Discharge.
  6. Expire
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    Expire captures and export a form of metadata according to ISO 19139, ISO19115 and ISO19110 in accordance with the European INSPIRE directive. The application generates an XML that can then be imported directly into Geosource.
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