PHP Document Management

Free and open source PHP Documents Management. Make a easy way to build a Document System, web based file manager, PDF or Office document.
  1. Freenote instant online notes and files
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    Freenote is a web application that allows you to store and organise notes or files. Quickly capture some information or upload a file for reference later or long-term personal knowledge management.
  2. PHP Project Navigator
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    PHP Project Navigator is a web based source browser for PHP. Its parser uses the same YACC grammar as the Zend Engine 2 so it recognizes PHP 5 syntax and inline documentation blocks. Symbols are stored in a database which is queried via a web based GUI.
  3. phpelf
    2003 total visits
    phpelf, lite Web-based file management system that doesnt require any database setup. Used primarily as an FTP replacement. Also supports directory confinement which blocks users from traversing out of a folder. Intuitive to setup and use.
  4. AerFM - php/AJAX based file manager
    1768 total visits
    AerFM - php/AJAX based file manager is dedicated to manage the filesystem of a webserver via web interface. It is a PHP/AJAX based application, it works only with Firefox 1.5. ---- 09.08.2006: some bugs fixed, see version 1.1.
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    Docyrus is a web application allowing to create articles from imported chapters or articles. You can store local documents (doc, wiki, HTML, RSS, openOffice) online, manage them online and export them in many formats (pdf, openOffice, HTML,...).
  6. Wexplorer
    1908 total visits
    Wexplorer is a web based file manager written in PHP and Java Script. It supports flexible mapping of file systems, URL rewriting, tree directory view. Based on AJAX technology it scales well up to thousands of directories and millions of files.
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    1623 total visits
    NetLink is a file-management system using HTML, JS, and PHP. Originally created for Southeast Raleigh High School. All of the files are included. There is 1 MySQL script required for this project to run. Run that, change the login info, and you are set.
  8. Weeble File Manager
    2033 total visits
    Weeble File Manager is a web based file manager / ftp client, built on php4. It allows users to Copy, Move, Rename, Upload, Download, & Edit files on an FTP server, through their web browsers.
  9. Aukyla Document Management System
    2118 total visits
    Aukyla Document Management System, an easy to use and easy to maintain Document Management System, designed specifically for use in an intranet environment.
  10. The NO-SOD Project
    2387 total visits
    This Document Management System or DMS, The NO-SOD Project is made for regulated industries.Efficient Documents Management System is a web based eDMS with Version control, documents life cycle, approval workflows, audit trail, and employee training record management.
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    The Online Web Library Site, web site code (utilizing PHP/MySQL) for a fully automated online document library/repository with cataloging, indexing, and stats. Documents are expected to be in XML format. XSL transforms for particular XML DTDs are also available.
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    1727 total visits
    phpEditMe is a light-weight web-based editor for websites, documentation, and source code. It includes a file manager, a WYSIWYG HTML editor, a backup system, and can (optionally) enforce the formatting of Dreamweaver templates.
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    psDarBackup provides an user interface for the backup program DAR. Main Features of psDarBackup:- backup of multiple directories/files, - resumeable backups and the recovery of backups. You can create incremental or full backups.
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    1694 total visits
    CheckdocSQL is a software for documents management in an office Current supported features Store incoming and outcoming documents Localise documents inside the Office Assign deadlines for treatments Tracking of each document.
  15. No Screenshot
    1688 total visits
    PHPMuse is a simple community system as well as a document repository built using PHP4 and Mysql. It is designed to facilitate creative writing over the web, and help writers find other writers with similar styles to edit/review their work.
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