PHP Document Management

Free and open source PHP Documents Management. Make a easy way to build a Document System, web based file manager, PDF or Office document.
  1. HAE
    2056 total visits
    HAE is a php-based file system explorer. It provides a user-friendly interface to browse the content of a HTTP server, close to desktop environments.
  2. OpenCabling
    2214 total visits
    OpenCabling is a program to document, manage and organize the active and passive parts (from campus distributors to floor distributors) of a networking infrastructure. With OpenCabling you can track all your patch and follow the path of your cabling.
  3. Browseable Online Backup System
    2076 total visits
    Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS) is a complete online backup system. It uses large disks for storing backups and lets users browse and restore the files using a webbrowser.
  4. No Screenshot
    1884 total visits
    Phpwebfiles is a simple web indexer application, which let's you manage users, associate them with directories, adding them priviliges to upload, delete, rename files, or create new directories. This project Phpwebfiles is multi-lingual and multi-skin capable.
  5. Ajax File Browser
    2149 total visits
    Ajax File Browser is a PHP application that allows you to share and administer files on your server with a Web 2.0 look and feel. User accounts and permissions can be applied to Shares (sources) for more control.
  6. No Screenshot
    2321 total visits
    PHP File system administrator now called PHP File Sharing System is a Web Application made for easy server file administration, that provides end-user and easy interfase for browsing and uploading files.
  7. Document Summarization
    2325 total visits
    Document Summarization, the simplest document summarization system.By adding document content to system, user queries will generate a summary document containing the available information to the system.
  8. No Screenshot
    1760 total visits
    Map-Fu is a full-featured web mapping interface written using PHP/Javascript that can be modified and used as part of a custom web mapping application. It is designed to function as part of an open source mapping stack including UMN Mapserver.
  9. No Screenshot
    1707 total visits
    MyFtPhp is a free filemanager written in php. It can upload, download, rename, delete, edit, view files and show directories in a tree structure. Supports multiple users with personal home directory, language and color theme. uses famfamfam icon library.
  10. No Screenshot
    1914 total visits
    The WgetBrowserGUI enables you to download files to an Linux-Server from your WebBrowser.
  11. Php PclZip Application
    1687 total visits
    Php PclZip Application is a PHP application which manage compressed archives.PclZip can archive and extract files and file systems (files + folders). PhpZip support several archive formats (proprietary, GNU TAR, Compressed, ...).
  12. PHPfileNavigator
    2506 total visits
    PHPfileNavigator is a PHP Open Source Web File Manager. Easy to install and use. All in CSS and Valid XHTML 1.1, allows manage all possibilities with files and folders.
  13. No Screenshot
    1708 total visits
    DigPHP allows you to view the files and folders on a web server. It supports syntax highlighting of many different file types including: PHP, XML, (X)HTML, CSS, ASP and JavaScript.
  14. Simpledoc
    1473 total visits
    SimpleDoc is a Web-based document management system. The interface is simple and intuitive, there is a tree structure for management and content editing is done without needing to reload the browser. No database is required.Features of Simpledoc:- By using javascript extensively the interface is simple and intuitive, management is done easier and faster.- Tree structure management and content editing is ...
  15. No Screenshot
    1565 total visits
    MiniXML is a simple API to generate and parse XML. It's advantages are ease-of-use and the fact that no additional libraries are required.MiniXML provides classes for XML documents and elements in either a 100% PHP or a 100% Perl implementation.
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