PHP Document Management

Free and open source PHP Documents Management. Make a easy way to build a Document System, web based file manager, PDF or Office document.
  1. ProjectSend
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    ProjectSend (previously cFTP) is a free, clients-oriented, private file sharing web application. It provides easy and secure multi-file uploading and unlimited file size on ANY server! Even on common hostings shared accounts. Features of ProjectSend: - Unlimited file size uploading! (independent of hosting configuration thanks to plupload). - Upload several files at a time and then add the information to ...
  2. ThimbleDoc
    550 total visits
    This is a PHP documentator project. It is simple, straightforward and easy to customize to fit your needs. It has two main parts. Parser and displayer. Default displayer creates XHTML formatted pages. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  3. Simple E-document
    1799 total visits
    Simple E-document is a simple yet smart document management system for offices-organizations and individuals that receive a large amount of mail. It assigns a unique number (protocol) to every document and stores much information about this document. It can be used as an electronic file and electronic protocol system.It will also help you organize your physical-hard copy file. Many search ...
    1764 total visits
    PHPDOCX can generate Word documents. From creating highly customized reports by extracting data directly from any database or a spreadsheet to build editable graphs or tables of contents to improve the readability to the document. With PHPDOCX you may immidiately distribute any documentation with the certainty that it will be the latest avaiable information in your database. You can generate ...
  5. PHP File Uploader
    2483 total visits
    PHP File Uploader is a free and open source File Upload Script features for easy to use and hi-performance. It allows you to upload files to web server without refreshing the page. You are allowed to select and upload multiple files and cancel running uploads, add new files during uploading. The look and feel of this PHP Document script can ...
  6. PHP Download File script
    1483 total visits
    This PHP script can be used not only to avoid direct files downloads and hide real file paths, but also to limit downloads to only some set of file types. PHP Download File script should be a perfect choice for sites that have different files and would like force people to download the files instead of having them run remotely ...
  7. WEBinsta FM Manager
    872 total visits
    WEBinsta FM Manager is built to provide a simple, powerful, reliable PHP file management system for the people who want these facilites but do not have the technical knowledge of handling the bigger and complex version of such managers. A combination of features, such as clean GUI and size which is hard to beat were provided in this project too.Features ...
  8. TypeFriendly
    753 total visits
    TypeFriendly is a PHP documentation generator project written in PHP5 and based on a very simple and easy-in-use Markdown syntax. It can be used to create a HTML documentations for your projects using simple text files. TypeFriendly aims to create a tool that connects the best ideas from both solutions: rich options and the simplicity of output document generation. Features ...
  9. PHPPowerpoint
    1148 total visits
    PHPPowerpoint is a free PHP project developed to create PowerPoint 2007 in PHP, it is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP, It aims to help you write to and read from different file formats, such as PowerPoint 2007.Features of PHPPowerpoint:- Create an in-memory presentation representation- Set presentation meta data (author, title, description, ...)- Add slides to presentation- Supports different ...
  10. mediaIndex
    949 total visits
    mediaIndex is a compact PHP5 project which creates a browseable interface for your media files. It could be described as a cross between a document management system and a web-based file server. Media file types are configurable and supports movies, audio, source code, text files, and images. It can store metadata such as descriptions and user comments, thumbnail generation and ...
  11. BKW File Manager
    1078 total visits
    BKW File Manager is a Multi-User File Manager PHP document management project based on MySQL, which has a vast variety of security deeply implemenented into it.Features of BKW File Manager:- User Logs In: password is encrypted in the database using the industry's leading one-way encryption, SHA1.- When the user uploads a file, the file is uploaded into the 'uploads' directory. ...
  12. PHPExcel
    2675 total visits
    PHPExcel - OpenXML, is designed to create Excel2007 documents in PHP, it is also a Spreadsheet engine. This Project PHPExcel provides a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to and read from different file formats, like Excel 2007, PDF, HTML, ... This PHP project is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP. Checkout ...
  13. PHP Manual Creator
    1235 total visits
    PHP Manual Creator is based on a Cross-Browser WYSIWYG Editor, open WYSIWYG 1.0, and it is a replacement for PDFs or "save as html" for us who want to publish Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer documents on the web. Just copy your Word document from the screen and paste it into the editor, add a filename, your e-mail and a ...
  14. @1 File Store
    1024 total visits
    @1 File Store is a file archive plus membership access system written using PHP + MySQL. The Master Administrator may create multiple folders containing subfolders. Files can be uploaded to these folders. Users who wish to download the files need to register themselves as members (and get approved by the Administrator). Members can be assigned to different groups with each ...
  15. PHP Doc System
    934 total visits
    PHP Doc System is a modular PHP document creating system. Instead of having to copy/paste information you'd want to have in 2 or more places, You can create modules for documentation elements (installation steps, buttons, screens, etc.) and then refer to them. Here's an example, if you have an application that has buttons on a toolbar which appears on several ...
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