PHP Framework

PHP Framework is built for PHP developers who need elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance, and also to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.
  1. Vultur Framework
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    Vultur Framework is a simple, lightweight MVC PHP framework and can be used for developing web apps, allowing developers to reuse common pieces of code, reducing development time.Vultur's main advantage is its very small size, compared to frameworks like Yii, Zend or CodeIgniter.At the same time, the framework was until recently known as the Condor Framework.Limitations:- No documentation.
  2. Slim
    387 total visits
    The framework comes with lots of useful features out of the box and is perfect for building RESTful web applications.Slim created by Josh Lockhart is inspired by Ruby's Sinatra framework.Features of Slim Framework:- http caching- HTTP routing- Named route- Route passing- Route redirects- Route halting- Middleware & Hooks- Custom views- Custom 404 page- Custom 500 page- Error and exception handling- ...
  3. LightVC
    195 total visits
    This is a lightweight PHP view-controller (M)VC framework based on MVC principles, but without the M (model) component. Features of LightVC:- Lightweight single-file view-controller framework.- Allows usage of any model or ORM.- Promotes code re-use.- Highly configurable.- Fast.- PHP5 Strict.Requirements:- PHP 5 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Added redirect option to the Lvc_RegexRewriteRouter. See route documentation for its usage.- ...
  4. Restler
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    Restler is a simple and effective multi-protocol REST API Server written in PHP. Just deal with your business logic in php, Restle will take care of the REST!Features of Restler:- Light weight- Flexible- Customizable- Supports HTTP request methods GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE- Clients can use X-HTTP-Method-Override header- Two way format conversion- Pluggable Formatters- Comes with JSON, XML, Yaml, Amf, ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    This is a framework for converting PHP code to JavaScript. Harmony allows to run PHP-like code on the client's side. It uses MooTools to support object orientated porgramming and php.js to handle PHP functions in JavaScript. Also includes Harmony XML(Flex MXML-like language) and Harmony Tookit with ready to use components. Inspired by GWT.Requirements:- JavaScript enabled on client side.
  6. Atomik framework
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    Atomik is an one-file PHP framework, which is a great tool for developing small to medium PHP web applications. Features of Atomik:- Build with the KISS principle in mind- Download and start, no configuration- Simple and powerful API- Contains everything to create a website- Great plugin system- Perfect for small/medium web sites- Manage database connection and cache- Divide application logic ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    PHP Quick is an extensible barebones web application development framework for PHP. PHP Quick is a lightweight, highly extensible PHP development framework with search engine friendly URLs and exceptional performance.
  8. QCubed
    249 total visits
    QCubed is a rapid web development PHP framework which is a developer's tool that mashes up lots of open source tools and technologies for easing up project development. Features of QCubed:- OOP core- On top of jQuery- Plugins- Docs- Code generator- UI library What's New in This Version:- Added Last/First day of month function to QDateTime.- Make QApplication::GenerateQueryString more generic.- ...
  9. Mako Framework
    330 total visits
    This framework is a free and Open Source PHP 5 MVC. Mako is UTF-8 compatible and easy to use. The configuration of the Mako Framework core is done in the index.php file. Other app specific configs are in the app/config directory. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- iconv- mbstring- PDO What's New in this version:- Added a ORM.- Added Arr::has method.- ...
  10. tgsf
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    tgsf is a MVC Framework written in PHP that is very scalable, allowing the developer to flatten models and views into the controller. Features of tgsf:- A sample app.- Documentation.- Ultra-simple front controller with multiple-application support.- Advanced plugin system.- Useful yet simple API for common functions.- A simple approach to databases that loads super-early - uses PDO.- Multiple database connections ...
  11. ZanPHP
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    ZanPHP is a web application development framework written in Features of ZanPHP:- Easy to install and configure- Easy to learn- Can create almost any type of Web applications- Compatible with different platforms- Object oriented- Use lots of design patterns and best practices to produce higher quality code- Scalable applications and easy to maintain- Documentation in English and Spanish- Integration with ...
  12. EuropaPHP
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    EuropaPHP is an extremely fast, flexible and lightweight PHP MVC framework. It can be used to create complex PHP applications, without re-writing the same code again and again. Features of EuropaPHP:- Striving for blazing speed and scalability- Very small footprint- API- KISS Principle- Respect concepts such as Loose Coupling and Functional Cohesion- Follow widely-used and well-documented coding standards such as ...
  13. Mozajik
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    This is a PHP & JavaScript framework for developing web apps. Provides pre-written code, for reducing time spent on an application.Features of Mozajik:- Built from the ground-up using PHP 5.3 to take full advantage of the latest technologies- A hierarchical Model-View-Controller architecture to ease development of apps and plugins- Fully integrated with MooTools for a seamless PHP-JavaScript development experience- Introduces ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    This is a rapid application development framework for PHP. Comes with a wide array of plugins and scripts, to reduce development time and reuse code when coding the same functionality.Features of crVCL PHP framework:- MVC- GUI-Components- Ajax- SQL-Builder- SQL load balancing- XML-Classes- Sphinx Full Text Search Engine- XML-RPC Client/Service- PDF and ZIP file supportRequirements:- PHP 5.2.1 or Higher- JavaScript enabled ...
  15. phpBurn
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    phpBurn is a complete PHP ORM and MVC framework. Comes with mapping support between the application and the DBMS. It supports multiples databases, multiples drivers in just one application, making the development extremely fast.Usage instructions are included with the package's README file.Features of phpBurn:- External libs- Views- Controllers- Models- ORM
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