PHP Framework

PHP Framework is built for PHP developers who need elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance, and also to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.
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    The devosc project is intended as a general PHP website application. It is built utilizing core components of osCommerce GNU GPL code and provides a means for general websites and applications development.
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    The Aukyla Platform is a platform for creating, managing and deploying web-based PHP5 applications.
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    cmsdAm is a quick, scalable, secure, simple content management system framework written in PHP4. Useful to bring up sites in a while. If you have some basic of PHP, this software is for you!
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    gframe, a simple to use PHP framework for faster and better application development.
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    Simple Website System is intented for people who want to have a basic website in which they can update or fill with content freely. Main goal of Simple Website System is to provide the basic features in the most user friendliest form.
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    PHP Content Architect provides tools for managing content and defining site architectures. NOTE: - SOME FILES IN THIS PROJECT SHOULD NO LONGER BE CONSIDERED SECURE - DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT FOR THIS PROJECT HAS CEASED
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    Mivec Framework is a lightweight MVC framework for PHP. It aims at creating an object-oriented, lightweight web application framework for PHP, with many ideas borrowed from OpenSymphony's Webwork 1.4.
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    Netautor Professional is an application server with integrated development environment, based on PHP. It comes with all substantial features to simplify the programming and the operation of databased Intra- and Internet web applications.
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    TikiPro Web Framework Project Renamed to bitweaver. CMS with: tiki & pear wiki, cms, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing, poll/survey, calendar. Tikiwiki upgrade PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, FireBird on Windows & Linux.
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    dizzyPages is a PHP5 framework for building web applications. It provides a prototyping tool to quickly build the workflow of your application.Then create custom presentations with the supplied XSL templates and business logic with the PHP5 API.
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    Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building groupware Web portals. It provides Lego bricks that may be composed to build an Internet application.It has multilingual support and themes. Modules include user management, calendar, news, cms and messaging.
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    Ismo is a web application framework that takes care of all the boring stuff and let's you focus on the fun and interesting parts!
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    With the ZZ/OSS Installer, developers have access to a PEAR-like release management combined with a PHP-based installation wizard. The plugin framework of the installer allows for a customized installation and build system for PHP applications.
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    Providing a hub for the development of modules for the E-Xoops CMS, including the porting of existing modules developed for other CMSs.Modules developed here are intended to have be consistent with the E-Xoops core code and to use E-Xoops core functiona
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    simpleMVC, a simple MVC (Model-View-Controler) framework written in PHP. SimpleMVC eases the development of any new application. Secure authentication classes and samples are provided.
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