PHP Framework

PHP Framework is built for PHP developers who need elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance, and also to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.
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    Le stelib sono librerie php per costruire dinamicamente pagine web per PC, palmari, cellulari o telefoni IP; queste librerie sono un insieme di classi che ci aiutano a gestire database, PABX VoIP (Asterisk), mootools , phpPlot etc. Le estensioni delle pagine web possono essere:- html (per browser standard come Internet Explorer e Netscape)- html (per browser palmari come AvantGo)- wml ...
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    PHPOpenMvc is web development framework PMVC (PHP Model View Controller).
  3. PHP2Go Web Development Framework
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    PHP2Go is a development framework designed to help experienced developers and beginner programmers to create Web-based Systems. It's an object-oriented, structured and hierarchical set of classes and libraries developed using PHP, XML and JavaScript.
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    phpWAFr is a PHP Web Application Framework designed to accelerate the development of transactional database Web applications. It's composed of a set of infra-structure classes, functions and webpage templates for support all kind of CRUD operations.
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    LIME Parser generator for PHP, complete LALR(1) parser generator and engine (like BISON or YACC) but it's all done in PHP, and the input grammar is easier and more maintainable.Write your actions in PHP. Generate PHP output code. Drive your parser with PHP. Wanna make a language?
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    Arasphp is a simple and flexible web development framework for non-gigantic sites following the MVC pattern. Features of ArasPhp Framework: - URL mapper, - fully-featured models, - search engine, - paginator and static content controller, - relationships and more.
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    SoftX PHP web framework aka WebSuit is a simple but advanced PHP framework to build websites in minutes. Fully text file driven configuration.Using AJAX and many advanced features. Very very simple to configure. No programming knowledge required! Complete database abstraction.
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    Gumbo PHP Library/Framework is a PHP5 Library containing interfaces and classes that assist programmers in software development.
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    fxFramework is an easy to use PHP web development framework. With fxFramework you can develop great web applications and interactive web sites in a shorter time. It also has database support using the ADOdb library.
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    Respice - platform PT is a PHP5 web application framework.
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    GilliGan - don't stay on your island is a PHP-Framework to create and handle html. The focus is to build forms with their items, like text inputs, checkboxes, date selects etc. and process this data with databases, email, files and ftp. Support for code assist, cause javadoc-style.
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    jPOP is a simple but powerful Ajax and RIA framework for PHP. It requires absolutely no coding on the client-side. By minimizing effort and time, and maximizing elegance and readability of code, sleek web apps are attainable by the average PHP developer.
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    Dbscript is a new PHP framework for composing distributed collaborative Semantic Web applications with Microformats, OpenID and REST Web services and Qooxdoo Ajax Toolkit.Install:- log on wget, - unzip, - vi db/config.yml
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    Diamond PHP Framework is a PHP java-like classes framework, designed to ease life for a day-to-day PHP web programming, based on PHP5 programming language. Designed to build powerful web applications with ease.
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    Gnujiko is a web-based framework for creating various managerial applications. It developed in AJAX, under GNU/GPL license.Is a station for creating your own applications.
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