PHP Framework

PHP Framework is built for PHP developers who need elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance, and also to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.
  1. Constructioner
    1541 total visits
    Constructioner is a PHP based software tool intended to create dynamic web applications. As a skilled PHP developer you can combine your own code with the advantages of a ready to go content management and administration system. It's our goal to provide a software tool that enables web developers to create professional, high-end web applications. Using Constructioner CX for your ...
  2. SiteX
    1474 total visits
    With the project, SiteX, you will have your own dynamic site in under 5 minutes! Driven by PHP and MySQL, SiteX consists of photo gallery, journal, guestbook, calendar, links, polls, forums, choice of 5 design themes and very powerful yet easy to use admin panel.
  3. Jamp
    2008 total visits
    JAMP (acronym Javascript Ajax Mysql Php) is powerful and fast framework, distributed with GNU licence, in it is enclosed a suit environment for the development WEB applications.
  4. Itshomi PHP Framework
    1600 total visits
    Itshomi is a new Framework for PHP5 or later, released under the LGPL License. Goals of Itshomi PHP Framework:- Easy to use, yet powerful. It follows the MVC design pattern for separation of concerns and provides a fair amount of code generation.- Promote good development practices. It follows the MVC and other design patterns. In Itshomi almost everything is a ...
  5. Openucf
    2315 total visits
    Openucf - Open UC Framework is a user- and service-oriented VoIP- and Collaboration-Framework.Functions of Openucf: - Erreichbarkeit Accessibility- One-Number-Concept One Number Concept- Anrufrouting Call Routing- eine Voicemail a voice mail- zentrale Kontaktdaten central contact- vorhandene Groupware als Datenquelle existing groupware as a data source- Nutzung im Telefon-Adressbuch, Web-Anwendung, Rufnummern-Auflösung Use the phone address book, web application, numbers-resolution
  6. No Screenshot
    1873 total visits
    BbgFramework is a PHP5+ framework designed for browser-based games. With the framework, it is never a hard mission to develop a game by yourself.
  7. BrickOO
    2118 total visits
    BrickOO is an object oriented PHP 5.2 / 5.3 framework. It provides a complete Open Source programming tool set for the development of web based applications that only depends on native PHP features.Features of BrickOO:- Object, singleton management- Native MVC pattern.- Dynamic decorator binding- Dependency Injection- Profile based services- Database services- Autoloading of created classes- Configurable caching- Template engine built-in
  8. No Screenshot
    2109 total visits
    Bubuface php mvc framework is yet a very powerful and highly customizable php mvc framework. Unlike other php frameworks, Bubuface php mvc framework does not take away all the freedom from a php developer.
  9. Ortro
    2130 total visits
    Ortro is an open source framework designed to make easy activities for job scheduling and system/application monitoring.Aim of Ortro:- auto discovery of the hosts in your network;- easily assemble jobs to perform workflows;- schedule your jobs in a centralized way;- archive jobs result;- create jobs/workflows for system monitoring;- create jobs/workflows application monitoring;- run existing scripts on remote hosts in secure ...
  10. WebMesh Framework (APIs and MVC)
    2060 total visits
    WebMesh is a framework developed in PHP5 to serve of base for the creation of web applications. It offer an API with several abstractions to facilitate the application development and a MVC pattern (Model2) implementation using Smarty in the View. The main intention to the development this framework is encourage PHP developers to use the PHP5 (truly Object Oriented) and ...
  11. sphex framework
    1868 total visits
    Sphex is a light and easy to use OOP PHP 5 Framework using the AMF binary format as a gateway for your Flex or Flash applications and any PDO enabled database. This project is using Zend_AMF and the Doctrine ORM. The goal is to radically speed up the PHP development process: you just have to create some service PHP classes ...
  12. Sierra-php PHP Application Framework
    2035 total visits
    sierra-php is yet another PHP framework. It is compatible with both PHP 4 and 5. It provides a foundation of reusable object-oriented code for Linux/Unix/OS X PHP software implementations. This foundation includes the following:- DRY: built specifically to eliminate redundant code and tasks, significantly increase productivity, and decrease supported codebase. For example, how many times have you written a login ...
  13. PHPulse
    1974 total visits
    PHPulse is the FASTEST PHP based MVC framework in the world! It is built to be EXTREMELY lightweight and fast with a modular development environment allowing for quick plug-n-play functionality to be added merely by dropping in extra modules. Most other frameworks attempt to try to do everything at once but PHPulse allows you to build or import the modules ...
  14. Gemibloo
    1491 total visits
    Gemibloo is a fully open and very extensible Geo Micro blogging platform. Thanks to its import and export plugins, Geolocation is extracted from pictures sent by mail from mobile phones, displayed on a map, and used to update Twitter & Fire Eagle.
  15. XMLNuke Web Development Framework XML
    2102 total visits
    XMLNuke is a Framework for Web development Applications and it is integrated with a Content Management System fully based in XML. XMLNuke provides several classes for abstract the use of XML and the environment of Web application. Features of XMLNuke Web Development Framework XML:- It creates an abstraction layer in which the programmer is concerned only with the code. The ...
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