PHP Framework

PHP Framework is built for PHP developers who need elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance, and also to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.
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    PACL - PHP Advanced Component Library is an advanced "java-style" PHP5 framework/class library for easy building robust web applications. The vision is to enable abstract and rapid development of sophisticated PHP applications in few lines of code.
  2. PHP Fat-Free Framework
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    Fat-Free Framework is an easy-to-uer PHP micro-framework. The framework has a mini-ORM for SQL databases like MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL/Sybase, dblib and PostgreSQL.Features of Fat-Free Framework:- Fast and clean template engine,- Dynamic XML sitemaps,- Atom/RSS feed reader,- CAPTCHA, thumbnail and fake image generator,- On-the-fly Javascript/CSS compressor,- Identicons,- User authentication,- OpenID (consumer),- Custom logger,- Network diagnostics,- Lightweight subsets of PHP's mb_string and ...
  3. P4A - PHP For Applications
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    PHP For Applications - PHP Framework, a PHP5 RAD and object oriented PHP framework for building event-driven stateful web applications. It is based on Zend Framework and features tableless HTML, multiple databases, accesskey support, auto data type recognition, transparent AJAX, UTF-8, i18n/l10n. P4A is a PHP framework, a software containing libraries, modules and widgets used to build applications that will ...
  4. Scorpio Framework for PHP
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    Scorpio is a framework / component system for PHP5. It has been designed to be light-weight and easy to understand. The framework was designed and planned to provide the basics of what a project needs to get going, with a view to the sites that are developed being re-skinned many times but without changing the underlying application. By the same ...
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    QuickFW is my attempt to create quick, easy-to-use, flexible PHP framework based on some interesting architecture decisions. It has architecture that is symbiotic from MVC and component architecture and described in my science work.
  6. Phpwebpad
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    Phpwebpad is a lightweight framework based on the MVC concept What is Phpwebpad? - Php mvc framework - php framework - lightweight php framework - simple php framework - simple php orm- php mysql orm - lightweight php orm- simple mvc php framework - simple orm support
  7. Ultimix
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    ultimix is a PHP framework for developing web-based applications. It can be the starting point of complex applications like CMSs, portals, ERPs, CRMs and more. It includes multilanguage support, permits management, MVC mini framework, package structure, template engine, javascript library, simple GUI library, caching system, captcha., and more. Features of ultimix:- Object-oriented and highly reusable code- Event-driven programming- Feature-rich Web ...
  8. phpMadani
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    phpMadani is a simple, fast and secure PHP framework. MVC and modular based. Originally, it's used by our company to develop our software. Now, we want to make it OpenSource.
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    Agea is a Framework and Content Management System for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Frendly to hack your own modules.
  10. OpenBiz Project
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    OpenBiz is a PHP application framework for professional IT developers and consultants to build web-based enterprise applications. Key features includes:- XML Metadata-driven design principal. Developers declare business logic in metadata (zero-coding development)- AJAX enabled browser client, Model-View-Controller (MVC), Object Relational Mapping (ORM)- Eclipse plugin authoring tool Target users:- Professional IT developers- Software consulting firms Target applications: Openbiz framework lays a ...
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    PhxENGINE is game engine/framework written in PHP5 with Smarty Template Engine and PDO.
  12. mocovi
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    Mocovi is an XML based and lightweight framework which adheres the rules of MVC. The model is provided by an XML file, controllers are written in PHP classes and the view is defined in XSLT. Tested with Apache 2.1.x (Win, Linux) Requirements: PHP 5.2.x+
  13. Pines
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    Pines, a full featured web application framework with an advanced object-relational mapper, method overriding functionality, MVC architecture, and an advanced package management system. Pines emphasizes speed and flexible/extensible structures. Features of Pines:- User and Group Management- Mass Mailer/Newsletter Component- Fully Themeable- Database Abstraction Layer- Point of Sale Requirements:- PHP 5.2.10 or Higher- MySQL 5.0 or Higher What's New in This ...
  14. JsPlatform
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    JsPlatform, a great web productivity interface integrating a web desktop, a php backend, javascript gui interface, supporting MySQL and Sphinx Software, Desktop, Window System.
  15. SiteFusion
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    SiteFusion is a server-based development environment. Applications are written in PHP and work through a thin XUL client. SiteFusion applications look and behave like native system applications but run on a server generating JavaScript commands. Features:- Platform-independent applications- OS-native look and feel- Writing applications in pure object-oriented PHP- No traditional browser security restrictions: access the client filesystem and run programs- ...
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