PHP Framework

PHP Framework is built for PHP developers who need elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance, and also to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.
  1. DotKernel
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    DotKernel is the DotBoost's in-house developed framework, based on Zend Framework. It is a PHP application framework, which based on 6 years of DotBoot Technologies experience in building websites and web-services.DotKernel is using a full, yet simplified HMVC (Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller) architecture, easy to learn by beginner and intermediate level programmers.DotKernel is not a standalone framework; it uses Zend Framework as a ...
  2. bedita
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    BEdita is a modular framework that features a back-end Content Management System out-of-the-box. It is an intergrated environment that inherits all the features of the libraries and tools it includes, like CakePHP, JQuery and Smarty.BEtia is flexible and may fit any project thanks to pecu;iarities like MVC pattern, Object Oriented design, multi-tier architecture, abstraction of semantic relations and more.
  3. Kiyo Framework
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    Kiyo is an open source framework to develop web application using PHP. The framework is based on popular MVC architecture, and it ship with a lot of built-in libraries which will let your build your applications very easily. Hope this framework will ease your work and reduce your effort.Features of Kiyo Framework:- MVC & Pure PHP Support- Module Support- Optional ...
  4. QPHP
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    QPHP, Qick PHP Framework is an event-driven (EDP) component-based web framework similar as architecture to ASP.NET. It is a tool, which will help you to build any php-based website in a very very easy, fast, reliable, safe and well-organized way. It comes with 40+ components, 70+ demos and many tutorials. The framework has very short learning curve, so anyone can ...
  5. Thin PHP Framework
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    Thin PHP Framework is a lightning fast MVC framework written in PHP and suitable for web developers who want a robust framework to start their projects but don't want too many dependencies. It's a smaller in size alternative to over-bloated frameworks like Symfony, Zend or CakePHP. Features of Thin PHP Framework:- PHP5 Support- OOP - Object Oriented Architecture- MVC - ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    Webbi Framework is free PHP framework for buiding web applications. The tool will allow developers to quickly get their PHP apps running, reusing code to get tasks done faster.Features of Webbi Framework:- Modularization- Template- Config file driven- Logic separated from presentation- Content management- User management- Namespaces- Debug mode- Database support- Type hinting- Built in object cache- Lightweight unit test frameworkModularization- ...
  7. Ownyx
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    Ownyx is a free and Open MVC PHP Framework for developing websites and web applications. The framework is implemented using an object-oriented approach. The framework is build with the idea to be lightweight. It offers the basics needed for building web projects, but doesn't come with any abundant functionalities. This means it is a solid base for you to build ...
  8. PopcornPHP Framework
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    PopcornPHP is an open source light weight website and web game framework for building magnificent websites and games in PHP. PopcornPHP is the fastest and most portable framework on the web, weighing in at just over 100kilobytes. Compare that to Code Igniter at over 3megabytes.What Comes With PopcornPHP?- Tools to create web applications quickly.- Template, XML, and Mail libraries.- Error ...
  9. Jelix
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    Jelix is an Open Source PHP5 framework aims to ease the development of applications or Web sites of any kind. It contains many components to use the MVC pattern to access the databases through the Jelix ORM to generate many kind of content etc.. It is a framework which enforce to organize files within specific directories, offering an easier way ...
  10. Classifieds
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    Craigslist Classfieds PHP Clone script is a PHP framework that can be used to get your classfieds site up and running quickly. This is a bare-bones classfieds script that will help web developers to quickly build a full-featured Craigslist clone.Features of Classifieds:- Users can register / login / logout- Users can post a classifieds ad- Users can post images- Admin’s ...
  11. Fuel
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    FUEL is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP5 framework. FUEL aims to take the best idea's from a bunch of frameworks, throw away the "not so good" stuff and create one awesome framework. FUEL will combine ideas from several frameworks and some of our own, taking the best bits and dropping the parts that are illogical, broken or just plain ...
  12. PPI Framework
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    PPI framework is a lightweight and simple PHP Framework. It introduces simplicity balanced with maintainability, scalability and extensibility. With a small learning curve and a rich set of learning material available PPI is a great way to sit back and make web dev fun and easy. PPI is intended for advanced programmers only.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher
  13. appRain
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    appRain is an Open Source Content Management Framework (CMF). CMF is a new web engineering concept where "CMS (Content Management System)" and "Framework" perform together to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time. appRain comes in two versions, the QuickStart version, complete with dummy content, and the Core version, an empty installation, on which developers can build ...
  14. Simple PHP Framework
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    This Simple PHP Framework is a pragmatic approach to build websites with PHP 5. It is especial towards web design shops and freelance programmer looking for a common foundation to quickly bring web projects to life. This PHP Framework follows the no-framework framework method coined by Rasmus Lerdorf — with a little Active Record thrown in for good measure and ...
  15. Adroit
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    Adroit is a lightweight PHP 5 MVC Framework designed to help you develop faster. The main motivation behind Adroit is to keep it simple, but provide useful features that developers want. This PHP Framework will help you developing experience better whether you are just beginning web-application development or a seasoned veteran. Features of Adroit PHP 5 MVC Framework:- Rapid development- ...
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