PHP Database Management

Free and open source PHP Database Management Projects. These projects included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
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    Computer Service Company Database, database system for a PC repair company. Features of Computer Service Company Database:- Manage Clients, - Invoices, - Quotes,- Service Tags, - Calendar, - Tasks.
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    PM Report for PostgreSQL is a simple report generator that can be used with any PgSQL database. It is written in PHP and released under GPL. This is a fork off of PM Report originally made to work with MySQL.
  3. C-Cramp
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    C-Cramp is a tool for a mysql database with data about music, DJs, shows, etc. for non-profit (college/university) radio stations that play music from hard media (CDs/vinyl). The primary focus is tracking & music and generating logs using a php frontend.
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    Este proyecto esta dedicado a aquellos que buscan como acceder a bases de datos ISIS desde ambiente web. Cuenta con tres paquetes, clabel-wxis: usa WWWISIS y ya no se desarrolla; catalogar: no se desarrolla como paquete; clabel: aun se desarrolla
  5. PHP SQL tools
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    With PHP SQL tools, It is easy to make all php and sql scripts.
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    PHP Text DB API is the development for the Text DB API.
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    Workproject is a PHP Mysql tool to manage: prospect , project , cost , user , task, activity of users, availability of users, statistic, update from ldap, import and export with MS project. A collaboration / collaborative multiple projects management.
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    dataMiner is a set of PHP classes used to browse, search, and manipulate data stored in a database. dataMiner does NOT manipulate the database or the schema. It only handles the data. Customizations for presenting smart interfaces are configurable.
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    Simple SQLite Manager is web frontend for managing SQLite databases. Requirements:PHP 5.0.0
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    TxtSQL, Framework that uses a subset of SQL and provides php developers an alternative solution to tables and databases, particularly those who do not have a database service (like mySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, ORACLE...).Comes packaged with an txtSQLAdmin.
  11. Ars Lab
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    ArsLab is written in PHP with MySQL and is a set of scripts with SQL back end that allow self-registration to labs or other pre-sechduled events.
  12. Basebuilder
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    BaseBuilder is a database framework, like Microsoft Access or Filemaker, designed to help you build custom, web-based databases.
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    Nailer is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the management contents of MySQL.
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    DbPerceptor generates html forms for editing MySQL databases. Based on configuration files you define, it automates the process of creating list, add, edit, and delete interfaces. Over 25 configuration options are available.
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    NaWui stands for Nagios Administration Web User Interface. It is a Web frontend written in PHP to manage Nagios configurations and Database records. Database connectivity is supported using plugins, which simplifies the way records are stored.
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