PHP Database Management

Free and open source PHP Database Management Projects. These projects included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
  1. PhpMyBackupPro
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    PhpMyBackupPro is a web-based MySQL backup application in PHP. You can schedule backups, download, email or upload them with FTP and backup whole file directories. Zip and gzip compression, easy interface and installation. Many languages and online help!Features of PhpMyBackupPro:- backup of one or several databases with or without data, table structure, ...- three types of compression (no compression, gzip ...
  2. OpenDataBag
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    OpenDataBag is object database with web interface. Full text search over whole database, live reports, secure and stable.
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    Confrontation Tournament Database, a PHP script intended for Confrontation (a miniature game by Rackham) tournament organizers to help to enter tournament results and calculate cumulative scores and rankings for players quickly and easily with their web browser.
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    phpMyDesigner, a plugin for phpMyAdmin. PhpMyDesigner is a tool written in PHP and Ajax. This CASE with WEB interface. ( MySQL )
  5. xajaxGrid
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    XajaxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid control that represents data in a sortable DHTML table. This component allows you to design quicky user interface by organizing your data into configurable dynamic grid, buffering and dynamical loading.
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    PHPGEN is a php code generator, which can help you to build a MySQL driven system with the feature of add, edit, drop, list records stored in MySQL. Features of PHPGEN: - use smarty as template- generate well orginagized code - all can be done in browser.
  7. phpMSAdmin
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    phpMSAdmin is designed to be a capable replacement for the proprietary Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager and the newer Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.By using phpMSAdmin you can manage your SQL server from any web browser, hosting the software on any OS capable of running the free and open-source PHP development language.
  8. No Screenshot
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    ComicFlow is a full featured, highly customized Open Source package for collecting and organizing comics. The package has a user friendly interface, a simple and straightforward administration panel. It is simply the number one tool for comic collectors.
  9. Clinical Handover Database
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    Clinical Handover Database, database for hospital doctors and nurses to keep track of their patients. The database will be of use in the advent of hospital at night, weekend handovers and produces 'sign-out sheets' for all of your patients.
  10. Web Managed Network Database
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    Web Managed Network Database is a web managed network database containing information on switches, connections by cable, terminations between cables, including building and room locations. The database is searchable by a number of parameters within each group of connections.
  11. HypatiaDB
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    HypatiaDB, an easy to use web-based database management system. Functionally equivalent to a simplified version of Microsoft Access. Written primarily in PHP using the MySQL database engine. Supports all platforms that PHP/MySQL supports: Linux, Unix, Windows.
  12. No Screenshot
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    AppForMap is a collection of PHP modules for web mapping.The project comprises both clients and server for dealing with simple features, GML, WKT, WMS, WFS, PostGIS databases etc. It can also act as a backend for an OpenLayers frontend.
  13. PhpSQLadmin(Mammo)
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    Mammo is web application database tool for manage data on Ms SQL Server, like Enterprise Manager , phpmyadmin.
  14. MySQL-Admin
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    MySQL-Admin is a simple PHP based administration tool for mysql databases. MySQL-Admin is easy to handle and provides a wide range of functions, like functions to edit datasets, table structure, tables, to import or export content, ...
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    WaterFlea is a MySQL database maintenance tool written in PHP. It provides a user-friendly front-end web-interface for easy database updating and maintenance. WaterFlea is easily deployable with MySQL databases.
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