PHP Database Management

Free and open source PHP Database Management Projects. These projects included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
  1. Monolith - MySQL DBA Console
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    Monolith MySQL DBA Console schedules & automates backups for MySQL databases. It monitors an unlimited number of servers for performance trending and tuning recommendations. Many history graphs are utilized for trending purposes.
  2. Mydbaccess - MySQL Web-GUI in PHP/JS
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    Mydbaccess is a Web-GUI for MySQL databases featuring end-user-friendly editing, search, query and reporting engine functionality.
  3. MySQL Server Monitor
    1862 total visits
    MySQL Server Monitor is a webbased MySQL monitor for one or more servers. It's completely skinnable and written in PHP with low resource usage in mind.
  4. Lip-DB
    1849 total visits
    Lip-DB is a lightweight web-based database front-end. The project aims to create an easy to use alternative for anyone with limited technical expertise, but who are struggling to manage their affairs using an Excel spreadsheet.
  5. PublicPIM Website Database Application
    1946 total visits
    PublicPIM Website Database Application has 3 Part Process instructions to automatically provide our Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL db to your website.
  6. FBGrid
    1309 total visits
    FBGrid is PHP class that allows modifications, insertions, deletions and display rows in a table implemented width Interbase / Firebird Database.
  7. Y.O.D.A. - Yaro's Oracle Data Admin
    1880 total visits
    Y.O.D.A. is web-based tool for developers and administrators to access into Oracle.Y.O.D.A. - Yaro's Oracle Data Admin is written in PHP to allow view,manage and export Oracle objects (tables, view,index,package, procedure, trigger..) over WWW (like phpMyAdmin, phpOraAdmin or funkctions like TOAD).
  8. AdminMySybase
    2237 total visits
    AdminMySybase is a tool written in PHP for the administration of SyBase over the Web. Create/Browse/Edit/Remove databases, tables, rows in sybase all through PHP.
  9. XMasDB
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    XMasDB is a Christmas gift database which can record recipient names and gift ideas into a MySQL database, protected by a password, along with a tracker to see which gifts have been purchased and an MS Excel export option.
  10. No Screenshot
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    Adminiature, a fast and lightweight ajax based administration tool for MySQL database.
  11. Phpress
    1866 total visits
    Phpress is a tool to help archivists and historians to scan, stock, display and analyse collections of newspapers.Functions of Phpress:- a system to help you to scan newspapers pages from a microfilm roll or from original papers, to organize the pages, to convert them into PNG or JPG format and to backup your work.- a system to quickly find and ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    SOAP-SQL generates a web service WSDL based on user-defined SQL statements with only a few lines of code. It relies on NuSOAP and PEAR MDB2 (DB abstraction layer), so it works with most any database. No PHP extensions required.
  13. No Screenshot
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    XaJaQ aims to provide a web-based visualization of the table structure of a database. A browser with native SVG-support and JavaScript is required. XaJaQ generates SQL-92-style SELECTs during the interactive definition of relations.
  14. No Screenshot
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    PhpDbEdit is a database independant code generator that produces php/html page to edit a database table with CRUD (create, read, update and delete) functionality.
  15. No Screenshot
    1641 total visits
    DATA system is developed to manage scientific experimental data especially in materials science field.
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