PHP Database Management

Free and open source PHP Database Management Projects. These projects included MySQL, Oracal, Access help you to make a simplified operation on database.
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    Automated configuration backups and version control for Cisco IOS-based devices, Nortel Alteon Web Switches and Nortel Alteon Application Switches, implemented over SNMP and TFTP.
  2. LiveUser Admin UI
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    LiveUser Admin UI is A user interface for the PEAR package LiveUser_Admin. The project features customizable and easy to integrate into other software.
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    VBitty(VBTT) - vBulletin Torrent Tracker is a Customizable torrent tracker for vBulletin 3.7.x. & 3.8.x. VBTT 3 uses PHP integrated tracker(smaller sites) or XBT backend style(large sites with SSH access).
  4. NCD Toolkit
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    The NCD Toolkit is a PHP application to collaboratively manage biological collection metadata that corresponds to the TDWG TDWG Natural Collection Description (NCD v0.8) format. The project was initially funded by GBIF.
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    SimpleSPML is a PHP library for creating and consuming SPML messages.
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    Butterfly Organizer is a PHP/MySQL solution for organizing web accounts. Butterfly Organizer has a simple and intuitive menu which helps you control the entire application.
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    PhpMyDictionary is designed for researchers. It is used for compiling one's own glossaries/jargons. Install Wizard/Admin Panel/Documentation included. Search Capability/Security Enhanced. You can also use it as indexer/catalogger like CD/Book catalog.
  8. ParaDB -- Paranormal Reporting Database
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    ParaDB is a web-based (PHP/MySQL) application designed for use by ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. The software consists of a web-based interface for case management, client relations and investigative reporting.
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    TelDaBase ist ein php/mySQL-Skript zur Aufteilung und Auswertung der Telefonrechnung (Rechnung Online der Deutschen Telekom AG) eines gemeinschaftlichen Telefons (z.B. WG,Studentenwohnheim); asterisk cdr-Datenstze werden optional automatisch ausgewerte.
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    PRIFF, actually an object oriented, PHP and MySQL driven event-calendar, allowing visitors to submit events into an editing cue, review, edit and control by an administrator. The output is in XHTML and RSS which can easily be integrated in any existing site.
  11. RecipeNet
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    RecipeNet Recipe Organizer written in PHP and using a MySQL database. Features include forcing registration, various permissions, requiring a special code for registration, and much more to come.
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    php movie db now is a personal movie catalog.
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    Scriptorium is a web-based code library for programmers who need to organize, share, and archive the code they've written.
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    wawp, set of tools for web authentication and authorization. Wawp use php and mysql for login (also over SSL), logout and restrict web access to authorized users and/or groups.The restrictions can be organized per-directory, per-file or both.
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    Megawatt is a tool written in php on mysql db, able to create in a matter of minutes, php administration area. It produces a directory with all the files (sql, globals etc ) needed to make admin work.It produces form, db structure, make thumbs, create array (input type select), javascript control and so on. The admin area created is 'one ...
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