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Free and open source PHP Customer Support Scripts. Customer Support Scripts make a easy way to build Live Support, help desk, ticket-system.
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    Central Case Management System (CCMS) is designed to allow multiple organisations and paralegal offices to access, input and modify a central database of case records.
  2. Tech Tickets
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    Tech Tickets, web/PHP/Mysql based tech ticket system, to track user requests and document resolution from the IT staff at a company (or outsourced IT company).
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    TTS - Ticket tracking system for PHPnuke - Web administration of tasks and human resources. Features of Ticket Tracking System:- Open a ticket on job request; - document and inform progress; - report department activities; - perssonal managment aid.
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    MyHelpdesk is a PHP/MySQL Helpdesk system appropriate for the Support Desk of small organizations. The system was originally based on the OneOrZero Helpdesk but with a different set of features.
  5. PHP Helpdesk
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    This web app PHP Helpdesk builds forplication handles tasks associated with a helpdesk.The program currently uses PHP and MySQL. Users can add, modify, and delete such things as current tasks. A new version is about to be released
  6. Obelus Helpdesk
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    Obelus is a Free Helpdesk System written in PHP. It uses a standard mailbox to create Trouble Tickets and archives them in a MySQL database. Obelus has been in production use for nearly 3 months.
  7. PHP Support Tickets
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    PHP Support Tickets will allow a webmaster the ability to offer its user base a means to contact its personel through request vouchers.
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    The support tickets gets stored in a MySQL database.PHP easy ticket and help system can perform several types of operations on the tickets, like: manage user login sessions, display submitted tickets, mark tickets as read, reply to tickets, submit new tickets, delete tickets, send ticket interaction e-mail messages, etc..Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    HelpDesk Chat is capable of starting dialog sessions between individual users and an administrator. The dialog sessions of all users are stored in a MySQL database.HelpDesk Chat can list all user chat sessions, add new messages entered by the administrator or the users, retrieve all the messages exchanged between each user and the administrator to display in a chat window.Requirements: ...
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    Wizard provides a mechanism to generate multi-step web forms, similar to those used as the user interfaces for software installers.Wizard is used by adding the input fields that should appear in each page of the steps of the wizard form and then generates the whole form in a single page with controls to interactively switch between the sets of inputs ...
  11. PHP Lively
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    The main description of PHP Lively will fit in some kind of live chat support system. Big Differences and Advantages in PHP Lively: - You can open a chat window (inline or pop-up) to any online visitor. - Run on multiple sites: one master centralized site and many clients (domains) to serve. - Optimized for high traffic sites. - Client ...
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    Helpzilla is a interactive business to customer support system similar to other commercial systems such as PHPLive! and PHPLiveChat. Helpzilla can serve multiple websites and supports multiple operators with audio and visual alerts and much more...
  13. Suppy
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    Suppy is a small customer support system based on PHP and MySQL.
  14. Integria IMS
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    Integria is a complete ticketing system, integrated with a powerful project management system. Also includes a inventory management subsystem, a file release/download section, a Knowledgue Base, an agenda and other useful tools for a team. Integria ITIL Management System is a new way of understanding and manage organizations: Projects, Knowledge Base, Incident tracking, and Inventory. All tracking could be reviewed ...
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    Help Center Live is a Live Support tool written in PHP, using a MySql database, that allows visitors on a webste to hold a conversation in real time with a representative of the website. With Help Center Live, you can provide a real-time, live support or sales person experience.
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