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Free and open source PHP Chat Projects. These Chat projects bring you a easy way to make a chat room, Instant Messenger, Flash Chat or Video Chat Scripts.
  1. Free Ajax Contact Form
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    Free Ajax Contact Form is Powered by Ajax and PHP. You just need to make your own form, add the js file and we do the rest. This script supports all common form types: textbox, textarea, listmenues, checkboxes and option buttons. Features of Free Ajax Contact Form:- Powered by Ajax and PHP.- Simple configuration file.- You make your own form, ...
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    Several types of operations can be performed with SMS messages.Key Features of SMS Gateway API:- Send SMS messages- Download SMS from the mobile device- Retrieve the list of messages from the device SMS inbox- Delete SMS messagesRequirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
  3. ScriptsMill Comments
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    ScriptsMill Comments,Comments is a free php script that allows your users to add comments on certain pages of your website. It is very easy to install this script if your site uses SSI, PHP or ASP.You can customize formating and appearance of comments with a base knowledge of HTML. Script licensed under GPL, so you can modify it as you ...
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    Active Directory Phonebook is a great intranet add-on. Use this script to search Active Directory for users, locations, phone numbers. Much easier than having to maintain two databases for phone numbers. Quick and easy to install, just enter your company's info, account info and upload.
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    funWithSMTP, a painless introduction to networking with PHP. Ever wondered how to talk directly to an SMTP server? Have a look, it's fun!
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    MMS Decoder is a class meant to receive, decode, and optionally display MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) on a Web page.MMS Decoder makes it possible for users to create their own MMS services such as MMS picture blogs. This is done by a script that is acting as an MMSC (MMS Server/MMS Center/Messaging Center), which is a server to which ...
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    DoubleMetaPhone implements a "sounds like" algorithm developed by Lawrence Philips which he published in the June, 2000 issue of C/C Users Journal. Double Metaphone is an improved version of Philips' original Metaphone algorithm. Double Metaphone is a significant improvement on the Soundex algorithm.
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    vinSMS, a simple class to send SMS message via a SMS Server by opening a TCP socket connection.
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    Simple SMS Site Software provides a Web base applications for managing and sending SMS messages using the services of the company aql.The application lets the users enter the numbers and the text of the SMS messages that they want to send. The users have to signup and login to be able to send messages.The application can manage the user records ...
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    SMS Web Sender 2.0 is a set of PHP classes to help users build scripts for sending (free) SMS messages through existing web-based providers.Features of SMS Web Sender:- Support for a number of SMS sites- Limited SMSSend script support- Multiple sites and multiple login details can be used Requirements:- HTTP Navigator
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    libSiteMessage is meant to offer a Web based system to send private messages to users of a site. The messages may be organized by storing them in different folders.libSiteMessage uses PHP 5 object oriented features and the PHP 5 sqlite extension to store the messages in an sqlite database.
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    Net_SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with IRC networks, which conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC protocol). It's an API that handles all IRC protocol messages. This class is designed for creating IRC bots, chats and show irc related info on webpages.Features of Net_SmartIRC:- full object oriented programmed- every received IRC message is parsed into an ircdata object: (it ...
  13. Yaoon Bulk SMS Gateway
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    What is Yakoon's SMS Gateway? Yakoon's SMS Gateway is a web service written in ASP.NET that enables you to easily send SMS messages over GSM cellular telephone networks from your local PC or network. The gateway can be accessed by HTTP protocol by submitting values by SOAP, GET and POST method to the API Server. Accessing gateway through HTTP protocol ...
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    Instant eQuest is a radio request management system designed to allow your listeners the easiest way to request a song. Fuzz Martin Media's Instant eQuest includes two interfaces:- the listener interface: where the request is added, - the airstaff interface: where your radio station's airstaff sees the requests, chooses whether to play them or not, then deletes them accordingly.
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    ICQ Status displays ICQ status in simple text format. There are situations you dont want to use ICQ's standard indicators that might disturb your design, for such cases this script can be used to show the ICQ status in text formats.
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