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Free and open source PHP Chat Projects. These Chat projects bring you a easy way to make a chat room, Instant Messenger, Flash Chat or Video Chat Scripts.
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    It can add live chat rooms for phpBB forum seamlessly, multiple skins and user integrated. A chat room makes the phpBB more interactive, it will boost traffic as well as revenue to your website, and will increase user loyalty.So what the module can add to phpBB? It adds a chat button which links to a fabulous chat room, based on ...
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    This script can be used to implement a simple Web based chat system that uses AJAX to update the chat dialog display area without reloading the whole page. AJAX driven simple chat script is a free PHP chat script.The script generates a page with a Web form to submit what each chat line that the users type.The chat lines are ...
  3. BlaB! IM
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    BlaB! IM is an AJAX/PHP based and best viewed with any browser Instant Messaging System that supports PHP4/5 and MySQL, SQLite & PostgreSQL databases. BlaB! IM is easy to install and easy to integrate into an existing website by adding a single line in your HTML pages. It is PHP free chat script, which allows all the visitors of the ...
  4. BlaB! Lite
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    BlaB! Lite is an AJAX based and best viewed with any browser chat system that supports MySQL, SQLite & PostgreSQL databases. BlaB! Lite is a PHP free chat script. Features of BlaB! Lite:- high performance, - xHTML 1.0 STRICT compliant output,- PHP4/PHP5 compatibility, - 'http' links, emoticons, - text formatting, - custom timezone settings, - bad words removal, - sound ...
  5. Flatchat
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    Flatchat is a PHP based chat room project using ajax, which updates the chat content and users with no flicker. Customisable settings included in this PHP communication tool, such as font colour and custom nicknames. Further administrative settings allow private messaging, custom avatars, printable conversations, password protected nick names, IP blocking and word filtering. Now rebuilt from the ground up! ...
  6. AnoChat
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    AnoChat is PHP Chat project designed to encrypted group conversations in form of a chat room, it is an open source 3DES-encrypted chat where users encrypt their messages before submit with a common known phrase, using javascript. The server does not know the key, so this is end-to-end encryption where the key is never submitted.Users are allowed to choose from ...
  7. Video Conference
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    Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool. It can be used stand alone or integrated as extra feature to existing sites. It allows users to establish multiple web based concurrent videophone calls and videoconferencing, that can also be referred to as a web video link. With a standard computer using ...
  8. 2 Way Video Chat
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    2 Way Video Chat is a P2P high definition web video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing. It's a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or home. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one.Features of 2 Way Video Chat:- ...
  9. Video Consultation
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    Video Consultation is a premium high definition video communication software designed for online video consultations, interactive live presentations, trainings, webinars, coaching and online collaboration.It was designed for few to many 2 way moderated video communication. Moderators control what participant is displayed on main screen (speaker) and can also add an additional participant (inquirer) to ask questions or assist. Participants can ...
  10. Video Messenger
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    Video Messenger is a Video Messenger Live Instant Cam Script, a website software for live online video instant messaging. This allows website users to instantly connect on live 1 to 1 private webcam video chats.Features of Video Messenger:- Online Users List (optionally a friends list filter can be applied to show friends or certain users only)- Request, Accept Video Chats- ...
  11. Mia-Chat
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    Mia-Chat is a web based Ajax chat application which makes communication much convenience.Features of Mia-Chat:- Simple setup- Ease of use- Platform independent- Browser agnostic (aims to support the same browsers as jQuery)- Support for multiple database platforms Requirements:- PHP 5+- Apache Web Server 1.3+- One of the following databases; MySQL 4 or 5 , PostgreSQL 7 or 8.
  12. Comics chat
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    Comics chat is a small web chat, where discussion is formatted into classic comics panels.
  13. Laffer
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    Laffer Project is an effort to build complete IM environment using the model for developing Open Source Software. Laffer Project comprises of several small projects.Features of Laffer:- ICQ: via the modified vICQ module- MSN: with the help of Net::SSLeay module- Yahoo: via the modified Net::YahooMessenger module- AIM: via the Net::AIM module- Jabber: via the Net::Jabber module. Please note that Net::Jabber ...
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    X7 Chat is free, open source, software written in PHP. The X7 Chat project was started in October of 2003 and has been providing feature rich chat rooms ever since. X7 Chat is truely free software, there are no ads or limitations.X7 Chat has a huge list of supported features and we are adding new ones all the time based ...
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    PHPOpenChat is a high performance php-based chat server software for a live chat-room or -module on every php-based site. The first version has been developed for a live-chat-subproject of the main german education portal (DBS) called "SchulWeb". The PHPOpenChat have had to manage alot of users, around 100-150 concurrent chatters, the most behind firewalls and in front of old computers. ...
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