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Free and open source PHP Chat Projects. These Chat projects bring you a easy way to make a chat room, Instant Messenger, Flash Chat or Video Chat Scripts.
  1. TeamSpeak3 Webviewer
    417 total visits
    TeamSpeak3 Webviewer is a web-based interface for viewing TeamSpeak server details. It is written in PHP, it will allow webmasters to setup multiple web interfaces for viewing the content (channels, members, etc.) of a TS3 server. TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other via the Internet. Features of TeamSpeak3 Webviewer:- Intelligent caching- ...
  2. No Screenshot
    316 total visits
    PAMI is an PHP management interface for the Asterisk telephony suite. As a stand-alone, this is a set of PHP scripts that will allow users to build interface components for various Asterisk functions.It is very suitable for development of operator consoles and/or Asterisk channels peers monitoring through SOA, etc.. Features of PAMI:- TCP and TLS connections.- Event Driven (the framework ...
  3. IntraMessenger
    540 total visits
    Create your own Instant Messenger community with IntraMessenger. IntraMessenger is innovative designed and fully centralized under your (admin) control. Server (PHP) provides great flexibility, including the external authentication possibility (e.g. forum, CMS, blog, PGI, CMR...). This can allow companies/communities (organizations, associations, institutions...) and dispersed workgroups to create and control their own network of instant collaborative messengers. It can install server ...
  4. No Screenshot
    100 total visits
    This is a PHP communication tools script to connect and retrieve IM statuses from the Jabber-driven Jabbim service, which can retrieve and display the status of an user's account.Features of Jabbim-Status:The status can be shown as:- A full XHTML version- An image version (extra status is not included — clear background prefered)- An icon version- A text versionRequirements:- PHP 5 ...
  5. FreiChatX
    716 total visits
    FreiChatX is a free PHP chat sever software for your website. It is fast, slick and filled with features. Take communication to a new level. It works with all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Safari, Opera 9+. Requires no browser plugins like Java"! or Adobe Flash Player"!Features of FreiChatX:- Easy installation- Avatar support- Minimize and close ...
  6. No Screenshot
    189 total visits
    ShoutPro is a PHP shoutbox script that lets visitors to your web site communicate quickly and easily. It's kink of like a chat room, but can be included on every page of your site and does not require special software like Java or Flash to load. If you've never seen a shoutbox before, just look to the left of this ...
  7. AwodChat
    414 total visits
    Awodchat is a ajaxbased chat software, written in PHP and is don't needing a database. It is easy to use, only copy one folder on your webhost and get started.Features of Awodchat:- needs no database- fully styleable- multilangual- interface for external projects (user can be secured submitted from other webapps)- fully ajaxbased for non- visible refresh
  8. No Screenshot
    257 total visits
    Chatty is a free PHP Chat script that lets you creat a simple but very-good looking chat in a few minutes. Distributed under GPL and written entirely in PHP (which means it will run better on PHP hosting. It is highly customizable and fully open to modifications. Now works properly also with non-western languages. It requires MySQL as a backend ...
  9. No Screenshot
    321 total visits
    ChatPad - Free PHP Chat script for website or Blog. It is a powerful PHP communication tool. If you like to had a shout box that you been handle in your own server and installed service script in your website (PHP in this case). By installing the Chat Pad, you get an interactive communication between your visitor and you as ...
  10. chatNow
    1352 total visits
    chatNow is a PHP and MySQL chat room, which can be integrated into any stand-alone website or complex CMS. Features of chatNow:- Videos support- Admin interface- Login form- CAPTCHA verification on login- Chat rooms- Automatic scrolling- Emoticons- MySQL storage- Private messaging- Simple language support- Images support What's New in This Version:- Fixed CAPTCHA session problem.
  11. No Screenshot
    1322 total visits
    ClearChat is a simple PHP/MySQL chat block with an HTML-interface. ClearChat is designed for use with PHP-Nuke 6.5 and uses the registered users data in its security system. It is only usable for registered users who are logged in. Users can undock the chat from the site itself so that it operates almost like you are talking to someone with ...
  12. No Screenshot
    504 total visits
    This is a PHP4 (server side)/Flash 5 (client side) chat room program.It is easy to setup and customize. The project is available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian.... The latest version includes user list in the same window and a better method to send private messages. All settings and complete translation from a single file. You can select ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2189 total visits
    A chat room may be a good idea to boost traffic and keep loyal members.PHP-Nuke Chat Module script makes the PHP-Nuke website more interactive and shorten the distance between your website visitors.With PHP-Nuke chat module, websites get a live chat room with PHP-Nuke database seamlessly integrated, simple, secure and nice. The chat button is suggested to be inserted to the ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1886 total visits
    FlashComs chat and messenger applications are fully compatible with php bb. They are positioned to be the most innovative and feature-rich applications among flash based solutions. Video/audio options as well as basic text chatting provide real time communication experience to website members. Such features like multi-room, one-to-one conversatoins, flexible video window positioning, personal settings, friend/block lists, complete integration with existing ...
  15. No Screenshot
    1661 total visits
    A chat room makes vBulletin more interactive.It will boost traffic as well as revenue to your vBulletin, and will increase vBulletin user loyalty.vBulletin Chat Module 2.0 of 123 Flash Chat can add a live chat room to vBulletin, feature-rich, nine skins and users single sign-on. And the best part is once the module is installed successfully, a free hosted chat ...
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