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Free and open source PHP Chat Projects. These Chat projects bring you a easy way to make a chat room, Instant Messenger, Flash Chat or Video Chat Scripts.
  1. ModenaCam - Adult Turnkey Flash Webchat Software
    1425 total visits
    ModenaCam is the first commercial script to deliver turnkey solutions for adult/non adult videochat (webcam) portals. You are 5 minutes away from opening your own video chat business: we will manage your site and connections so you will have a secure environment with a 100% availability on the Internet. All you have to do is to get performers and watch ...
  2. VianoTVPortal - Live TV PHP Script Portal
    3482 total visits
    Turnkey Portal For Live and Recorded Video Streaming Entertainment - Built-IN Content Delivery Network - OpenX Overlay Video Ads - It runs by itself - Earn money from broadcasters and ads and many others!VianoTVPortal is a turnkey solution for live online & recorded video streaming entertainment. Its main purpose is to allow the public to stream live to their colleagues, ...
  3. AjaxIM
    2508 total visits
    Ajax IM - short for Ajax Instant Messenger, is a browser-centric instant messaging framework. It uses AJAX to create a real-time (or near real-time) IM environment that can be used in conjunction with existing community and commercial software, or simply as a stand-alone product.
  4. Flea IM
    3127 total visits
    FleaIM is web-based MSN messenger clone. FleaIM will help you:- Register, sign in, automaticaly login- Modify my profile, state, signature- Send, receive message, flash & face icon- Search, add, block, remove, sort contacts- View, download chatting history- Get sound notification of message coming, contact logging, etc.- Maintain contact group
  5. No Screenshot
    194 total visits
    Visichat is a modern, comprehensive and truly global flash chat tool, perfect for live video and voice communication. It is easy to use and install, it supports multiple languages, platforms and payment gateways. Database integration is easy to implement via the admin panel, so your users don't require to register twice. It's equipped with a fully featured administrative options, video ...
  6. No Screenshot
    113 total visits
    CryptBB is a site, the encrypted forum with open source code, provides more secure private communications between people. All messages are transmited by the internet and stored in the database in encrypted format. All mathematical operations are executed by client (internet browser), not by server. For text encrypting this forum uses AES (Rijndael) 256 CTR (Counter mode), symmetric military-class encryption ...
  7. TS3Admin.class
    139 total visits
    TS3Admin.class is a PHP script for communicating with TeamSpeak servers. TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other via the Internet. Download Teamspeak from here, for various paltforms. Fatures of TS3Admin.class:- Manage bans- Managing connected IPs- Manage servers- Manage channels- Manage server configs- Manage permissions, and much more- Ban a client by UID- ...
  8. No Screenshot
    178 total visits
    ChaNT™ is a flexible, powerful, cross-browser and easy to use open source web-based chat system written in PHP and JavaScript. Support for BBCode, 3D Animated Smileys with a IM like toolbar for formatting your chat messages. It does not require any browser plugins like Java or Flash. Also it not requires MySQL, all data stored in ordinary files. Support for ...
  9. PlaySMS
    1052 total visits
    PlaySMS is a flexible web-based PHP mobile portal system. PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that can be modified to fit to various services such as personal messaging systems, SMS gateway, corporate and group communication tools. Features of PlaySMS:- Multiple database engine supported (using PEAR DB)- Available for shared database usage (tables using its own prefix)- Send SMS ...
  10. KangaDate
    251 total visits
    KangaDate is an online open source dating script from, which is based on osDate and Fusion. There will be no unnecessary modifications like forums, flash chat, Twitter and Facebook connect to the core scripts. Modifications/Widgets can be added by the user community and official authorized developers, but unless for security reasons these will never be part of the core. ...
  11. phpC Forum
    254 total visits
    phpC Forum is a PHP and MySQL forum script. It is packed with lots of features, for quickly installing and deploying your own online community. Features of phpC Forum:- Easy installer- Admin panel- Plugins- Templates- Multi-lingual- Easy users management- Integrated search engine- WYSIWYG editing- Polls- Profile pages- Facebook and Twitter sharing tools- Forums can hold sub-forums- Statistics page- Organize users ...
  12. TeamSpeak3 ChannelWatcher
    264 total visits
    TeamSpeak3 ChannelWatcher is a PHP script for watching TeamSpeak 3 channels, which works basically with any relatinal database SQL system and allows developers to watch a TS3 channel and automatically remove dead channels. TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other via the Internet. Requirements:- PHP 5.3.3 up to 5.3.7- TeamSpeak3 server 3.0.5 ...
  13. No Screenshot
    140 total visits
    Burning Board is a modern, secure and user friendly solution for running a PHP-based discussion board. The 2.x series is under a free license, while the 3.x version is available for purchase. Features of Burning Board:- Plugins- Themes- SEO friendly content- Admin dashboard- Easy to install- User profiles- Custom user permissions- Multi-lingual- Content importer- Spam protection system- Censoring system for ...
  14. Phergie
    138 total visits
    Phergie is an IRC bot written in PHP which is very easy to install. Just point the config to an IRC room, pass it authentication credentials, a nick and tell it what to do (automate). It can be easily extended via plugins. Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Command plugin now supports quoted parameter values- Lart ...
  15. TS2WebAdmin
    323 total visits
    TS2WebAdmin is a PHP web interface for TeamSpeak 2 voice chat servers. TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other via the Internet. Features of TS2WebAdmin:- Simple and clean design- XHTML and CSS compliant- No SQL database required- Fully customizable templates- Support for custom modules- Three different login levels (Guest, Server Administrator, Super ...
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