PHP Content Management Systems / CMS

Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
  1. Redaxscript
    289 total visits
    Redaxscript is a free, PHP and MySQL driven content management system for small business and private websites. Meanwhile, it is very lightweight, simple, customizable, pluggable and much more. Features of Redaxscript:- Builds contents lightning fast- Search engine friendly environment- Fluide and elastic grid layout- HTML5, CSS3, RSS2 and ATOM1 compliant- Media queries powered mobile support- On-Demand JS and CSS loader- ...
  2. No Screenshot
    218 total visits
    Sound PHP Engine (s-p-e) is a script written in PHP and uses MySQL. With s-p-e you can publish news, articles and bulletins; comment them, have access to their printer-friendly version. A kind of a search engine is also implemented inside s-p-e. Features of Sound PHP Engine:- it is free (as in freedom) software;- it uses only sessions and NO client-side ...
  3. gpEasy CMS
    429 total visits
    gp|Easy CMS is a complete Content Management System (CMS) that lets users create rich and flexible web sites with a simple and easy to use interface. The embedded design of the admin interface allows users to instantly see changes in one browser window. It is available in English, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Features of gp|Easy CMS:- Multiple ...
  4. LightNEasy
    496 total visits
    LightNEasy is a simple and light content management system and website builder. It is not only a CMS, it actually creates plain, pure web pages for your whole website, making it SEO friendly and fast loading. Each time you add a page, alter the menus, it regenerates all pages again so that they remain fully integrated. Search engines, like Google, ...
  5. ZAPms
    303 total visits
    ZAPms is a simple PHP CMS, with a module for running an online shop as well. Also comes packed with lots of othe modules for running a state of the art website. Features of ZAPms:- Admin backend- Graphic installer- Bare-bones layout allows easy adaptation to any design- User administration- User roles administration- Fast loading- Picture gallery module- Shop module- Newsletter ...
  6. RuubikCMS
    307 total visits
    RuubikCMS is an open source PHP website content management tool. The CMS was built to suit needs for both developer and user. Features of RuubikCMS:For the end-user:- Easily publish web pages and news- Easily add images and other files- No HTML or any other coding skills required- WYSIWYG editing and easy multiple file uploads out of the box For the ...
  7. No Screenshot
    194 total visits
    tinyphpadmin is one of the (or even THE) tiniest script to edit and update your content on your website (kind of a very basic CMS). It can edit your website' contents with your webbrowser so easy. Features of tinyphpadmin:- no installation needed- no database needed- easy to use- WYSIWYG editor included (a version with and without WYSIWYG editor is available)- ...
  8. Centurion
    508 total visits
    Centurion is an open-source CMS or CMF delivered as a flexible PHP5 Content Management Framework based on Zend framework. It comes as a nextgen solution for managing both content and users on the same web platform. Features of Centurion:- An intuitive data grid- Greats and comfortables forms
  9. Website Baker
    339 total visits
    Website Baker is an open source content management system designed to enable users to produce websites with ease. Uses a GUI for managing a website's content.Features of Website Baker:- Easy to use interface- WYSIWYG-editors in backend- Support of multiple languages- Management of files and media- Adjustable due to its template system- Infinite extensible because of add-ons- Group based Access Privilege ...
  10. Small-Cms
    701 total visits
    Small-Cms is a Content Management System written in PHP and MySQL running. Display items by date and/or categories, search engine. Its appeal is as much part of his administration that allows direct management. Features of Small-Cms:- Template management- SEO optimization- clean and Elegant- Video Support- Well Documented- Browser Compatibility
  11. pragmaMx
    266 total visits
    pragmaMx is a content management system written in PHP. It provides a lot of features that will help to easily separate the content from web site design and coding tasks.Features of pragmaMx:- Article management- Admin panel- Download section- Optional banner rotation- WYSIWYG editing- Media gallery- Newsletter management- Statistics- Polls
  12. No Screenshot
    279 total visits
    Section CMS is a lightweight PHP and MySQL content management system. It allows webmasters to quickly build their website and publish it only via a simple to use interface.Features of Section CMS:- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Page management- Users management- Modules
  13. No Screenshot
    226 total visits
    nus cms is a very simple static content management system. Reads content from Markdown-formatted static files and outputs a nice page, based on predefined site theme files.Features of nus cms:- Style content using Markdown- Easy URL redirections- Easy to style- Easy to install and modify
  14. JPM Article Script
    844 total visits
    JPM Article or Article Content Manager is a light-weight article script. You can use the script to publish news, stories, or articles of your choice.Features of JPM Article Script:- Template powered- Customizable- Language file- One CSS file- WYSIWYG Administrator Editor- Paste video URLs into editor and converts to videos ( videos only)- Ajax rating- Admin section- Ranking system- Share system- ...
  15. Gekko Web Builder
    441 total visits
    Gekko Web Builder is a lightweight, extensible PHP content management system. It is written in PHP and MySQL, it allows webmasters to quickly build and easily manage the content of a website. Gekko Web Builder requires almost no technical skill or HTML to operate and has been tested and works with CPanel, Plesk, and EasyPHP (Windows). Features of Gekko Web ...
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