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Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
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    ContentCMS is a minimal PHP content management system. It is different from all the other CMSs because it does not come as a fully blown one-CMS to rule them all product. Its main purpose is to provide CMS functionality to existing website installations, by providing an interface for managing existing content. Features of ContentCMS:- Templating engine- OOP-based code- Admin interface- ...
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    chillyCMS is a CMS which allows every person with programming skills to build his own website. An administrative interface is provided, along with modules and themes for the user to choose from. chillyCMS can be used for powering simple blogging platforms, or for more complex static sites. Features of chillyCMS:- WYSIWYG content editing- Manage users- Manage user groups- Manage permissions- ...
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    Expanse CMS is a simple, lightweight content management system. It is written in PHP and MySQL, Expanse CMS allows simple users to quickly get their site running within minutes. While not the most complete all-around CMS, Expanse is just perfect for running your small to medium Web projects without a glitch. Features of Expanse CMS:- Easy installation script- Themes- Plugins- ...
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    Elxis CMS is an open source content management system with many features. Geared toward users, it follows W3C standards, it is secure, flexible, easy to use, graphical appealing and modern. Elxis provides a graphical interface, allowing users to create and manage live websites. Features of Elxis CMS:- Search engines optimized- Translated in many languages- Subscriptional content- Advanced WYSIWYG editor- AJAX ...
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    VozCMS is a content management system written for PHP and SQLite environments. VozCMS will allow non-technical users to quickly build a website using an easy admin interface. The CMS is suitable for small to medium installations, SQLite not being able to handle the huge traffic of larger websites. Features of VozCMS:- Easy install script- Admin panel- Twitter Bootstrap powered interface- ...
  6. Hero
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    Hero is a modern PHP content management system (CMS) based on the CodeIgniter framework. For more complex installations, Hero is also available as a hosted solution. Features of Hero:- Easy to use graphic installer- Admin panel- WYSIWYG editing- Themes- Modules- Reports center- Manage multiple content types- Mass mailer- Analytics package- Menu manager- RSS syndication- Easy members management- SEO friendly- Export ...
  7. Anego CMS
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    Anego CMS is a lightweight PHP content management system. It is entirely AJAX-based, allowing editing content without refreshing the page. Features of Anego CMS:- Extendable via addons- Admin panel- Install script- WYSIWYG editing- Theming via Smarty- SEO-friendly URLs- Multi-lingual- Menu manager- Disable/enable AJAX editing mode Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher- MySQL 5 or Higher
  8. Web Pro Manager
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    With Web Pro Manager, you can build a full working website under your own domain in minutes. The software lets you intuitively drop content components onto your pages and move them around effortlessly to setup your pages anyway you like. There are no complicated settings or configuration; just create your pages and drop in your content. Web Pro Manager has ...
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    The GlobalPlatform card specification is a standard for the management of the contents on a smart card. Mainly this comprises the installation and the removal of applications. This project offers a C library and a command line shell. Features of GlobalPlatform:- Install Java Card applets- Delete Java Java Applet- Manage keys- Send APDUs- Get data and status
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    Bohemian CMS file manager is a fast and simple script for uploading and downloading and can be used to administer file uploads and downloads. You can login as admin and set which files can be accessed publicly and if public uploads are enabled.
  11. Sketch
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    Sketch is a CMS that so quick and simple and it will leave you time to smell the flowers. It is a PHP 5 CMS system built from the servers perspective. It aims for server speed and performance first and has full support for customization and supports all the latest standards.
  12. IntelliGate
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    IntelliGate is a new and unique breed of content management systems built from the ground up to be modular, extendible and simple. The system was developed in PHP with MySQL backend database and is based on advanced and robust MVC architecture making conscious use of AJAX technologies. Requirements:- PHP version 5.1.6 or newer- ionCube Loader 4.0.0 or newer- MySQL version ...
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    LEPTON CMS is a PHP fully customizable CMS, which will allow non-technical users deploy their online website in minutes, with the help of a visually and user friendly CMS backend. Features of LEPTON CMS:- Graphic installer- Easy to use admin dashboard- WYSIWYG editing- Themes- Add-ons- Users management- File browser- Multi-lingual support- Templatet layout- A mobile package- Online documentation Requirements:- MySQL ...
  14. STPIAdmin
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    STPIAdmin is a web Content Management System (CMS) using PHP, MySQL, AJAX and XHTML. Maintain a web site in as many Languages as you want. Full multilingual capabilities for both public and private sections of web sites.The administration section allows you to add news, messages, links, events in addition to managing the inventory of an online store (item types, categories ...
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    Clansuite is a PHP content management system especially designed for e-sports teams. It's designed to effectively manage and administrate team-ressources, people, processes and information on the web, while (hopefully) driving better competitive results. Because of it's modular design approach, it could be used by everyone demanding a feature-rich and easy to maintain content management system. It can also be used ...
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