PHP Content Management Systems / CMS

Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
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    Arash is a Content Management System specialisized on multimedia. Target group are small radio stations that like to map their programs to the web as audio on demand.
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    PBcms is a simple light weight, file based content management system written in PHP scripting language. Featuring SOLMETRA SPAW Editor for working on the contentpages.
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    TOSMO/Mambo Managment, a repository & development home for Components, Modules, SuperPacks, Unofficial Core Add-Ons, & Templates for the Mambo Open Source CMS.All projects are open source, and new projects are welcome. For new projects, contact darksied9 to get adde.
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    open-medium.CMS is an Open Source Content Management System.
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    Poseidon is yet another web-based content management system, although its goals are a little different from most. It is intended to be as small, simple, and cleanly organized as possible. It does its job, and that's all.
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    CMS for an employment search system is a CMS for an employment search system written in PHP/MySQL.
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    Lodel is a high quality web publishing system. It belongs to the family of Content Management System. Lodel is particularly respectful of the conventions of scholarly publishing,such as footnotes oage, text structure, the various sets of characters corresponding to non-Lation languages, diacritics, small caps, unbreakable spaces, etc...
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    The Vandeventer Engine is a free, open source, online content management system for small to medium sized newspapers. It is written in PHP with a MySQL backend and a brand new pseudo tag based templating system. It also features a Mozilla XUL based admin
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    Pratt CMS is a Content-Management-System that provides an easy, inline WYSIWYG html editor. User permission for the database side, a test environment, and a modular system are only some of the added functions.
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    Tv.2 CMS is a PHP+SQL based Content Management System oriented towards simplicity, effectiveness and extensibility. The system uses XML-like database to store content.
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    Dagger - the cutting edge is a web engine -- or CMS (Content Management System) -- written in PHP+MySQL. It's a spin off of the Edge Engine (of which Dagger's project leader is a co-developer).
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    Rilke CMS is a PHP/MySQL based content management system. It can be used to publish a variety of websites and/or weblogs. It was designed with simplicity in mind - so that anyone who has used a word processor can use it to update a website.
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    GeekDDB is a plugin for the Geeklog CMS system. It provides a user interface to a MySQL database and adds search/insert/update/delete features to the Geeklog system. GeekDDB utilizes the Geeklog API to allow for security, searching, and administration.
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    Website Content Management :(php/mysql/wap/flash content management system)- e-commerce SSL 128, news, events, downloads, resources, products, forum, statistics, surveys, security, administration, online html editor, visual rtf editor wysiwyg, jobs.
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    PG-Nuke is a branch (maybe a fork) of well known PHP-Nuke project. It intends to support PostgreSQL and gives it full PHP-Nuke functionality (not encountered now a days).
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