PHP Content Management Systems / CMS

Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
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    Site-Assistant is a PHP based CMS with mysql Database Support.Features of Site-Assistant:- Easy and clean system for beginners and experts. - Usable for anybody.- Multiple parallel projects are supported.- Site-Assistant can produce w3c AAA conform pages.Limitations:Backend is in german only
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    ExpCMS, a set of object oriented classes for creating web applications. Currently it has been converted to PHP library.
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    Xcomic is a comic management script that fits within any site to facilitate the publishing of web comics (like Megatokyo). Features of Xcomic: - maximum customizability, - news posting, - control panel, - PHP and SQL backend,- XHTML/CSS compliant, - OOP design.
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    ACSoc Comics Library Management System, a web-based comic books library management system implemented in PHP+MySQL.It aims at replacing the paper-records for circulation of comic books of student societies, while it would be suitable for comic cafes, VHS renting shops, or personal collection.
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    VCMS is a very simple but adaptable management system made to be easy to use and to improve. It is made to be very stylish, so it has deep integration with CSS.
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    VisionPortal is a Web Portal / Content Manager that enables you to quickly build a site as YOU wish. Simply add or remove modules to choose which functions you use, or pages you include! It can be integrated with different popular forums.
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    NedEngine is modular approach to web based content management systems. It started as a project to replace the static pages of the Dutch Linux portal NedLinux, but was released to the public a while later.
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    NAR contents manager is a Contents management system. It's the perfect web software for people who would like to have an easy digital newspaper or to control a whole newspaper via web.
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    Ein CMS, das Apache sowie PHP bentigt und in einer Unixumgebung luft. MySQL wird nicht bentigt. Erweitertes Benutzermanagement sowie die Mglichkeit es ber eine integrierte Schnittstelle zu Erweitern sind integriert. Das CMS Backend ist komplett vom
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    Catviz PHP OOP Content Manager is a different PHP/MySQL based content manager.It's primary aim is to provide a rich PHP OOP platform for the development of interactive websites. It is freshly built from the ground up, NOT yet another clone.
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    ZeusCMS is yet another Content Management System. Content that might be text, files or the system itself. Try the new alternative and feel the power of simplicity. New features and improved coding make ZeusCMS v1.0 something worthly to try.
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    Lithium CMS is a CMS for creation of a site of portal type. Doesn't use any SQL database (all data are stored in text files).Features of Lithium CMS:- viewing categorized news, comments, skins (fast change of design), modules, addons for modules. (PROJECT IS INACTIVE ANYMORE).
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    MyLANsite - lanparty organisation is now new a set of components and modules for the Mambo CMS for lanparty management and organisation.Functions of MyLANsite - lanparty organisation: - Seat reservation,- tournament brackets, - catering organisation and many more.
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    Der Dirigent ist ein einfach zu handhabendes Content Management System auf basis von PHP und MySQL."Der-Dirigent" is an easy to use Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL
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    Cynus is a Content Magement System aimed to provide academic establishments with a means of simple yet elegant website generation. Its modular design and unique plugin repository system make extending features and upgrading simple.
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