PHP Content Management Systems / CMS

Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
  1. EazyPortal - CMS
    2166 total visits
    Eazyportal is a robust solution for Content Management CMS, maintain your website with eazy tools such as forum, news, polls. EazyPortal - CMS is designed with the latest technologies using smarty, css and xhtml, easy to customize, Admin friendly,easy to install.
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    2228 total visits
    iPortalbb is a CMS (Content Management System) based on phpbb3, it has modules, blocks and everything that phpbb3 has to offer... the current version of iPortalbb is not stable... so please dont use it if you are not an advanced user.
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    1449 total visits
    mthweb, a CMS written in PHP, very secure, easy to install and to use, very flexible, and oriented to spanish spoken world.
  4. phPortal
    2016 total visits
    phPortal is a Content Management System. phPortal contains phpBB2 core and phPortal shell. If you have a phpBB2 forum. You may upgrade to phPortal. phPortal have News page, Contact page and more...
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    1734 total visits
    PSE is free CMS for any, who need easy tool to build own site. PSE include all need tools for anyone. Code is written in very simple syntax and everybode will apprehend it. PSE is modernized continuously. It's for you! Try it!
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    1157 total visits
    Aratix ist der Nachfolger des Radio_CMS. PHP5-CGI, OOP, Module zur Serververwaltung sind nur einige Punkte, die das Leben der Web- und Internetradios erleichtern. Icecast-, Shoutcast-, sc_trans-, streamTranscoder-Support.
  7. MorcegoCMS
    1968 total visits
    MorcegoCMS is a light Content Management System written in PHP. This CMS needs a database (MySQL, Postgresql, ...), for the data access tier MorcegoCMS uses AdoDB. With only one table (table of pages) you can develop a complete website.
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    1760 total visits
    The e107_help Plugin... The plugin for all noob e107 users. This plugin will contain information about using the admin area... about user setup... common problems and more.
  9. myCMMS
    1845 total visits
    myCMMS, a free CMMS based on LAMP (and a lot of ideas from Free CMMS)At this time. myCMMS can handle the following maintenance activities:- creating and managing workorders- (IF WEBCALENDAR is installed) we can show the workorders weekly Requirement:- Apache (V2.x)- PHP (V5.2.x)- MySQL (V5.1.x)
  10. No Screenshot
    1607 total visits
    F@cile I. W. is a CMS in PHP and Javascript without databases. Easy for unexperienced users (fiendly and intuitive gui and embedded WYSIWYG editor). Modules for links, galleries and file download are provided. Support for languages.
  11. JAF CMS
    1764 total visits
    JAF CMS - just another flat file CMS is a personal home-page oriented CMSs engine without database needed for small private sites. JAF CMS is easy to install, to use, easy to expand to suit your personal home page. It includes page editor, and page creator.
  12. ScarPoX / Runcms / E-xoops
    1860 total visits
    ScarPoX / Runcms / E-xoops, a comprehensive content management system (CMS) whit ease of use, speed, & flexibility.E-Xoops 1.05r3 was last version call E-XooPS. Name change and release of RunCms 1.4 got Us to level 2. Level 3 Scarpox is a more compact cms exclusive to Danish use.
  13. lowbatCMS
    1429 total visits
    lowbatCMS is a content management framework for small to medium-sized web sites. Its primary goals are ease of use, flexibility and portability. lowbatCMS is modular and can be integrated into custom PHP code as well as other CMSs.
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    1334 total visits
    Rock Band CMS, a content management system for maintaining a band's website.
  15. iGaming CMS
    3144 total visits
    iGaming CMS is a content management system designed for gaming websites. It uses PHP and MySQL. iGaming CMS is a content management system designed for gaming websites. The system is written in PHP and requires a Mysql database for operation.Features of iGaming CMS:- Cheat Manager- Company Manager- Content Download System- Custom Fields- Download Manager- Game Manager- Mailbag- News Manager- Plugin ...
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