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Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
  1. Zimplit
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    Zimplit is one of the easiest, if not the easiest lightweight, simple and customizable Open Source Content Management System for small web- and minisites. It features for easy to install ans easy to use via a simple web interface.Features of Zimplit:- It’s simpler than any content management system you’ve seen before- No admin area - you just log in and ...
  2. Xoops Cube Project
    279 total visits
    XOOPS Cube is an open-source content management system which helps webmasters create dynamic content websites with great ease. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large community websites, intranet portals, corporate websites and many more. Features of XOOPS Cube Project:- RSS Aggregation & Generation- User and Group Management- jQuery Support- Comments- File Manager- Themes and Templates- Simple, Secure, ...
    377 total visits
    BIGACE is a multi-site, multi-language and multi-users web CMS written in PHP and based on MySQL. It features for easy to use, speedy, flexibility and simple installation. It uses WYSIWYG FCKeditor for HTML Content. Has Versioning, Workflows, Right Management, Templates and many more. Key Features of BIGACE:- SEO Friendly URLs- Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures- Minimal server requirements- ...
  4. CMME
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    CMME means Content Management Made Easy. It is a web content management system. The aim of the project is to be easy to use and doesn't have many requirements. CMME is file based, no database needed. For a user, CMME works a lot like a wiki. Key Features of CMME:- Easy installation, small requirements.- Page layout using templa­tes and page ...
  5. No Screenshot
    211 total visits
    NX CMS is a powerful content management system for the web. NX CMS is focused on delivering content in many powerful ways. Its functions and content-types can be extended with the plugin-interface and a very very powerful API.Requirements:- mySQL 4.0.x- Apache 1.3.30or higher- php 4.3.10 or higher
  6. No Screenshot
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    Synergiser is a fully-functional and expandable Content Management systems with very minimal system requirements, not even requiring a mySQL or other SQL Database daemon. Any modern webserver (apache,monkey,IIS) with PHP should work correctly.
  7. Fundanemt
    379 total visits
    Fundanemt is an open source CMS that designed for small and medium sized websites. Usability is the key concept of this free Open Source project, The user must be able to interact with his or her website without no further knowlegde than that of the average desktop user. Fundanemt should bring the user beyond technology so that the prime focus ...
  8. SAPID
    314 total visits
    SAPID is a tool for site creation and management. SAPID is distinguished through the comfortable Ajax-based site structure management interface and high flexibility of design, content and functionality integration. SAPID does not need DB (file-flat CMS). SAPID is inline CMS. It means that site documents are editable in a way “what you see is what you get” a document in ...
  9. Flux CMS Wiki
    392 total visits
    Flux CMS is a XML/XSLT Web Content Management System based on PHP 5 and Popoon under GPL license. It's easy to use for the enduser and has WYSIWYG editing capabilites, but it's also very extensible and powerful for implementors to suit even advanced needs. Features of Flux CMS on Technicals aspects:- Based on Popoon and PHP 5- MDB2 as DB ...
  10. MuCMS
    391 total visits
    MuCMS is a nicely featured, small, fast, and secure Content Management System. The project has been in development for 3 years, and is a stable production, that is currently deployed around the world.MuCMS is great for the following applications:- Internal Company Knowledge Bases- Public company websites- Information distribution sites- Small to Medium Sized online stores- Professional looking personal websites- Clan ...
  11. PHPX3
    570 total visits
    PHPX3 is a web portal system, blog, Content Management System (CMS), forums, and more.NOTES:- To use the domain authentication, you will need to download and make the extenstion for PHP.- I have included the .so file for PHP 4.2.3, its in admin/scripts- I have also included the actual SMBAUTH files so you can make your own if you need ...
  12. phundament
    584 total visits
    Phundament is a content management system based upon yii framework. It consits of a yii application webapp, pii module and some more extensions. It includes a cell manager component for widget distrbution and automatic property detection, CKeditor 3 with custom file manager, jQueryUI themeable interface, user registration, widgets for HTML content, blog postings and submenus ... easy and efficient!
  13. WebsiteBaker CMS
    563 total visits
    Website Baker, the most easy CMS in the world that will allow you to create a website within minutes. WebsiteBaker will help you to create the website you want: A free, easy and secure, flexible and extensible open source content management system (CMS).Functions of Website Baker:- Create new templates within minutes: powered by (X)HTML, CSS and jQuery. - With WebsiteBaker ...
  14. OpenPHPNuke
    384 total visits
    OpenPHPNuke (OPN) is an Open Source Web Content Management System (WCMS) which will assist you in the creation, administration, and maintenance of contents for the internet or intranet. With OPN you can build your homepage, a web portal, and various other ideas for the internet.
  15. Jetbox CMS
    533 total visits
    Jetbox CMS is seriously tested on usability and it has a professional intuitive interface. Jetbox CMS is role based, with workflow and module orientated. All content is fully separated form layout.Requirements:- php - mysqlWhat's New in Version v2.1 RC2 Jetbox CMS- fixed: Javascript include error for rich text editor- update: Changed the default publish start time for workflow enabled items ...
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