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Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
  1. Textpattern
    388 total visits
    Textpattern CMS is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system designed primarily for writers and bloggers. Even if Textpatter is at its best as a blogging platform, online magazine or news center, it can be used for plain websites as well. Features of Textpattern CMS:- WYSIWYG editing- Admin panel- Easy installer- Easy file uploading- Protect articles with a password- ...
  2. No Screenshot
    287 total visits
    JoomlaPack is a backup component for the Joomla! Open Source CMS, using AJAX or plain JavaScript to backup the whole site (files and database) in a ZIP or JPA backup archive.
  3. Mandarin CCDS
    449 total visits
    Mandarin CCDS is a PHP5/MySql5 based CMS including Smarty Template Engine, Xajax and jQuery with multi language support, in place editing and much more useful features.Mandarin CCDS uses a different approach of storing and returning contents than most other content management systems. The backend stores all objects (contents) in a tree structure. All objects belong to a certain class and ...
  4. Symphony
    550 total visits
    Symphony CMS is XSLT-powered open source content management system.Features of Symphony CMS:- Elegant: Approaches content management with the underlying goals of simplicity and openness, so you can build anything.- Flexible: Gives designers and developers complete control over data structures, URL schemas, and every bit of markup.- Powerful: Puts the Web's most exciting APIs at your fingertips with an easy-to-use, XML-centric ...
    555 total visits
    BLOG:CMS is the most advanced personal Content management system and most complete, feature-packed, personal publishing system on the market. It includes state-of-the-art weblog, forum, wiki engine, news aggregator (atom / rss), and photo gallery. Requirements:- MySQL 4.0 or 4.1- SQLite- PHP 4.0.6 or higher Features of BLOG:CMS:- Standards compliance - Maintenance of one or more weblogs/news-sites- Integrated Forum - Integrated ...
  6. Jojo CMS
    399 total visits
    Jojo is a PHP-based free CMS for web developers wanting to build good websites. We like sites that are fast, standards compliant, easy to manage, search engine friendly and design flexible.Jojo Open Source CMS offers a fair bit of functionality out of the box, that other paid or free CMS systems don't have, or require hacking to have. Feature of ...
  7. GalleryCMS
    1125 total visits
    GalleryCMS is a free CMS for managing photo galleries built on the amazing CodeIgniter framework that is an easy-to-use admin panel to manage photo galleries.Features of GalleryCMS:- No more editing static XML files- Simple install- Can easily skin the admin interface- Easy to change the XML output to suit your application- Can easily adapt for your Flash galleries- Now includes ...
  8. No Screenshot
    370 total visits
    Lanius CMS is a light-weight PHP dynamic web authoring and content managment system with an embedded flat file database and support for any other database system. It features for high speed, best security, fully internationalized and customizable. Lanius CMS works on any PHP4/PHP5.Features of Lanius CMS:- embedded flatfile database (Gladius DB)- supports many DBMSes through adoDBM (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc)- ...
  9. jCore
    686 total visits
    jCore is a different multisite PHP CMS(Content Management System), which was designed especially for webmasters (using the well known LAMP environment) who have to maintain multiple websites for their clients and they would like to keep the source codes up to date and easily fix bugs for all clients at once.jCore is composed by two main systems:- jCore Server: which ...
  10. GetSimple CMS
    691 total visits
    GetSimple CMS is an open source CMS built using PHP and XML. It utilizes the speed and convenience of XML, a best-in-class UI and the easiest learning curve of any simple Content Management System out there. The CMS uses XML to store data, avoiding the complex MySQL database that everybody seems to use. Features of GetSimple CMS:- Best Security - ...
  11. FrogCMS
    535 total visits
    Frog CMS is designed to simplify content management with an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions as well as the tools necessary for file management.Frog CMS is recognized as the PHP version of Radiant CMS, a famous Ruby on Rails application with its own development path. The project features for its simple templating code.Requirements:- ...
  12. Mapix CMS
    496 total visits
    Mapix CMS is a PHP flat-file content management system that stores data inside XML files. It is not for large scale environments, but can be easily deployed and used in small to medium web projects. Features of Mapix CMS:- Admin panel- XML, text and image editors- Documentation- Multi-site support- Users management- Roles and permissions- Mutli-lingual- Easy to style via templates- ...
  13. No Screenshot
    266 total visits
    PluggedOut CMS is flexible and powerful content management system for PHP/MySQL based systems. The project has tried, tested and trusted in enterprise level systems. PluggedOut CMS features for providing rich multi user management of big websites through an extensive admin interface.
  14. bloofoxCMS
    305 total visits
    bloofoxCMS is a free open source content management system (CMS). bloofoxCMS is a small and easy to use CMS. It enables you to manage websites and intranet sites on a very simple way. It is slim but also flexible. Features of bloofoxCMS:- Multi language support: All text constants are collected in one language file. any language is supported for use- ...
  15. Zikula
    622 total visits
    Zikula is a CMS for creating impressive and dynamic websites and can be used for both simple one-page websites, and for high traffic communities. Also, it can be used for blogs, community forums, shops, personal websites, portfolios and much more. Features of Zikula:- Admin panel- User management- Groups- Addons- Extensions- Themes- Templates- Multilingual- SEO friendly- Short URLs- Cache support- Update ...
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