PHP Content Management Systems / CMS

Free and open source PHP Content Management System Projects. CMS projects allow you to manage the content of your Web Site by providing an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
  1. PHP Nanomus
    504 total visits
    Nanomus is a free and Open Source PHP CMS project. It doesn't use any database, but flatfile system. Nanomus is recommended for small websites, portfolio, curiculum vitae. It's possible to create illimited page, you can delete, edit, deactive/active all the pages.Fore security reasone. nanomus use PHP files to store his datas. And for each page, nanomous create other PHP secure ...
  2. No Screenshot
    1009 total visits
    PHP CMS Generator is an utility to creat content management scripts to manage database content. It includes many useful features and a long TODO list of more useful features. Database Tools. PHP CMS Generator don't have any system requirements and supports PHP language.
  3. Pointter PHP CMS
    545 total visits
    Pointter PHP Content Management System is an advanced, fast and user friendly CMS script that can be used to build simple websites or professional websites with product categorization, product blogs, member login and seach modules. The webmaster can creat unlimited static page boxes, static pages, main categories, sub categories and product pages. The system is very flexible and every box, ...
  4. StayCMS
    203 total visits
    StayCMS is a very simple PHP CMS framework. It does not use any database, simply the file system. It uses themes, which are straightforward to create or modify existing ones. Using it is nearly as easy as creating a single html page. It is portable and easy to deploy in PHP, and can be extended to incorporate other frameworks as ...
  5. Saurus CMS
    769 total visits
    Saurus CMS is a free and Open Source PHP CMS project. In Saurus CMS, most content management taks are carried out in the same view shown ot public visitors. The software attachs small v-shaped buttons to all content objects such as sections, articles, documents, image, links etc to enable you to creat, edit and restructure the content. In addition, on ...
  6. JakCMS
    836 total visits
    Jakcms - content managament system PRO is made for professional websites any kind. Content publishing, Forum, Blog, Events, Gallery, Tags, News, Newsletter, Search, Security and more - the PRO has it all. CMS PRO is the choice for people who are serious about creating thriving online websites.The whole software is written in PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and it's driven by ...
  7. SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS
    695 total visits
    SkyBlueCanvas is an Open Source and easy-to-use PHP CMS project. With it you can simply keep the content of your site fresh, upload the software to your web server and you are ready to start adding text and pictures to your web site.SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS is built specifically for small web sites. The entire site you are viewing is a ...
  8. SEO Toaster
    405 total visits
    SEO Toaster is an advanced SEO-inclined content management system (CMS), easy for content writers, and website administrators featuring complete front-end edition.It is easy for web designers requiring only 4 HTML templates and 2 CSS files to build a complete theme. SEO Toaster is the most advanced SEO CMS right out of the box featuring automated 301 redirection creation, automated optimized ...
  9. Concept CMS
    693 total visits
    Concept CMS is a scalable and very flexible Open Source PHP CMS project that has done our best to keep everything smart and simple for the editor.Features of concept CMS:- Multi-language- Multi-customer- Multi-database- Admin panel- Graphic installer- Languages- 100% flexible template building- Media library- Image editing- WYSIWYG editor- YAML CSS framework fully supported- Modules to enhance base functionality- Templates and ...
  10. appRain
    606 total visits
    appRain is an Open Source Content Management Framework (CMF). CMF is a new web engineering concept where "CMS (Content Management System)" and "Framework" perform together to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time. appRain comes in two versions, the QuickStart version, complete with dummy content, and the Core version, an empty installation, on which developers can build ...
  11. Coolibree CMS
    306 total visits
    CoolibreeCMS is a minimal CMS platform for creating small blogs or websites. It although doesn't use a database to store data keeps all informations into a flat file. An API for building a customized template are available for usersda to adapt their website. Coolibree CMS is a free light and usefull blog rendering engine and completely written in OOP PHP.Features ...
  12. digistore
    764 total visits
    Digistore is a fully featured open source ecommerce solution based on the popular osCommerce engine. Digistore is a powerful PHP shopping cart software. Boasting improvements both to the administration and the end user experience - Digistore has quickly become a popular choice for people wishing to market products online.Digistore allows users to be live and selling only minutes after installation ...
  13. ArticleMS
    693 total visits
    ArticleMS is an Article Content Management system that makes the task of running a content website simple. ArticleMS allows you to build beautiful web sites quickly and easily. Wheather it is a blog or a news site, single user or a community, ArticleMS has you covered.Features of ArticleMS:- Free and Open Source:ArticleMS is free for anyone to download and use.- ...
  14. ProcessWire
    366 total visits
    ProcessWire is a free and Open Source PHP5 Content management system (CMS) and web application framework aimed at the needs fo designers, developers and their clients, ProcessWire gives you more control over you fields, templates and markup than other platforms, and provides a powerful template system that works the way you do. Not to mention, ProcessWire's API makes working with ...
  15. No Screenshot
    265 total visits
    Limny is a free and Open Source PHP and MySQL CMS (content management system) with a focus on ease to use and develop. Advance customizations can be made to it by installing modules, themes and translations. The free PHP CMS proves to be very fast handling and easy to customize.It can be used as a stable and powerful core for ...
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