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Free and open source PHP Blog Projects. Blogs projects allow you to setup your own weblog on the Web by providing an interface to manage your posts.
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    blogplus is a multi-language and multi-theme free web blog script.Features of blogplus+:- multi language - multi theme- security - blocks system - posts system - CSS - SEO - RSS feeds - Ajax - categories- topics - easy control panel
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    The uploaded image is checked for a predefined size. With noticeboard, when an entry is posted , an email is sent to the webmaster who can delete it if inappropriate.Features of noticeboard:- Preview function before posting an entry.- Can post a picture but script check that the picture is no more than 24k, 200 pix wide and 250 high, if ...
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    MySpace Profile Updater connects to the MySpace site and authenticates as a given user. The profile fields are retrieved and re-submitted after being filled with new values. It is used to add data to existing user profile using PHP cURL. User is authenticated with their login information and data - in form of plain text or HTML code - ...
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    MySpace connects to MySpace Web server and retrieves the page of the given user to extract all the profile details. The number of friends of an user and their comments stripped from HTML formatting, are extracted.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Ngeblog can be used to manage Blogger using Google Data API.Features of Ngeblog:- Authenticate using ClientLogin and AuthSub authentication- Submit a new post with a given title and message- Get an entry or the list of posts in a blog starting with a number up to a given number of posts- Update an entry- Delete a given post- Support multiple ...
  6. Asaph
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    Asaph is a micro-blogging system, focusing on collecting links and images from other pages. It allows you post content directly from any page you are on via a Bookmarklet. Be sure to watch the screencast to see how this works!The alternative Stickney Theme also shows date and author information for each post and allows posting of longer texts. Feel free ...
  7. phsBlog
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    phsBlog is a free PHP blogging system that relies upon a MySQL backend to store data. Database abstraction layer exists and allows for easy porting to other database types. An installation script allows for easy install, and an online control panel allows you to easily add and modify data once submitted.New features in Version 0.2 phsBlog: - ban by IP, ...
  8. Particle Blogger
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    Particle Blogger allows you to set up a blog in minutes just by entering your database settings and running the installer script. You can then begin blogging with automatic archiving of posts my month, categories (tags), an integrated RSS feed and the option to turn on static (search engine friendly) URLs.Particle Blogger also features a fully web based admin panel ...
  9. Pixelpost Photoblog
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    If you're interested in setting up a photoblog, Pixelpost Photoblog might be for you. Heavily geared towards photobloggers, pixelpost comes with all the features that's been set as standard by the photoblogging community, keeping every level of photography skill in mind.The setup is a breeze and you'll get going in no-time. The look is completely customizable with a simple template ...
  10. Sloppy Blog
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    Sloppy blog is a simple news/blog program that can be easily integrated into the layout of your website. Perfect for web designers that want news on the front of their website and don't want to have to edit web pages every time they want to add more news. Requirements:- PHP - MySQL
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    MobiLog! is a powerful standalone blogging tool that allows you to update a mobile weblog ("moblog") remotely using any email-capable device, such as a cellular phone. You can even send images from your camera phone and have them automatically posted to your web site - a great feature for both hobbyists and online journalists. Additional features include Atom syndication format ...
  12. PluggedOut Blog
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    PluggedOut Blog is a MySQL solution for blogs, journals, diaries or any kind of calendar application. It has been developed by a professional software developer - meaning the code is easy to read, light and fast.If nothing else it serves as a good example for people starting out in programming of how to develop a thin client (web) application.Features of ...
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    Blog Script for PHP is a powerful blogging system that requires only PHP and MySQL database. If you may open a free blog on thousands of websites, we recommend you to install Bloly blogging system. Functions of Blog Script for PHP:- Control everything: appearance, design, postings, etc.- Earn money for yourself, not for simebody else- Add value to your websiteFeatures ...
  14. Cheesecake Photoblog
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    Cheesecake Photoblog is a photoblog application written using PHP and MySQL and the cakePHP framework, It has a clean MVC code architecture. The URLs generated are clean and Search Engine Friendly. The comment system has SPAM protection via Akismet as well as a 'Black List'. Cheesecake is easily theme-able and extensible using add-ons.Cheesecake Photoblog also features tagging, RSS feeds, multiple ...
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    With the help of ArticleTrader Post plugin for Wordpress, to post any articles at to your wordpress blog with almost zero effort. ArticleTrader Post plugin for Wordpress is an easy way to get quality, relevant content to your blog.
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